Vivid Swayed by the Court of Public Opinion

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Isis Taylor Tweet

On July 6th Vivid Entertainment offered Casey Anthony a XXX contract. To say the public was shocked and appalled was a sever understatement. There was a cry of outrage all across Twitter. The loudest cries came from the adult stars who were extremely vocal about their disgust with Vivid and were making calls for a boycott from their fans…and from the stars!

Isis Taylor TweetWhen people with 51,000 followers ask them to stop buying Vivid, and then ask their friends who also have tens of thousands of followers to stop buying Vivid, you will feel the power of their influence. The ability to reach literally hundred of thousands people within a matter of minutes is a flex of muscle that most people cannot match.

Well, being lambasted on Twitter and Facebook, in the blogs, in the news, and on the message boards had an effect because Vivid withdrew the offer before the end of business the same day they made the offer. Hersch stated, “It has become obvious to us that Vivid fans, and people in general, want nothing to do with her and that includes a XXX movie.”

The court of public opinion released its verdict hard and loud and in the process demonstrated the power of social media. Never before has public opinion had the swiftness and the strength that social media provides. Not only do people have a vehicle for their voice but the have access to huge networks on a massive scale. In moments like these you see the power of influence and how a few influential people asking for support can spread their issue across the internet, and therefore the world, like a wild fire in a tumbleweed field. What previously took huge media influence, possibly orchestrating incredible numbers of people to protest, and would take weeks if not months to express the depth of disapproval about an issue can now take less than a few hours.

The power of your influence is not just for selling or getting people to your website, but can be used for social good as well.