Nominated for Xbiz Progressive Leadership Award

xbizI am so excited to announce that I have been nominated for a Progressive Leadership Award for the Xbiz 2015 Exec Awards.

The Xbiz Exec Awards are meant to recognize “movers and shakers who pour their hearts and souls into their careers and, by doing so, propel their brands to new heights of success.”

I am with very good company in my nomination:

Progressive Leadership Award

    • Nicholas Chretian, Crakmedia Network
    • Nate Glass, Take Down Piracy
    • Lauren MacEwen, 7Veils
    • Colin Rowntree, Wasteland
    • Brian Shuster, Utherverse

Progressive Leadership Award: Risking often goes hand in hand with creativity. These pioneers blaze unknown trails to explore what’s on the horizon and adopt new strategies that often become standard practices for years to come.

I am very excited to be nominated and to be nominated amongst such amazing people!

Brick And Mortar Strip Clubs Benefit From In House Social Media Resources

gentlemans club social mediaIf you have been running your own erotic club, sex toy store or gentleman’s cabaret, you may have mistakenly believed that social media is just for ‘online’ adult businesses when in fact your dressing room is a gold mine waiting to be turned into massive new revenue streams with very little time or effort being invested.

Your regular customers may already know where to find your club through branding, marketing and hard earned name recognition from years of marketing in local media outlets, but did you know that major strip clubs bring in a majority of their profits from more elusive traveling customers who come to town only once in a while? That’s exactly right, because the business convention or customer who is looking to get in good with his own clients often spends ten times what any regular might offer up in a visit to your club. All your premium services, champagne room extras and top shelf offerings are worth buying when your client is doing it to impress his colleagues or curry favor with a new found friend.

So, how do you reach a national audience of potential big spenders in the most cost-effective way possible? By contacting them directly! No, we don’t mean emailing them or calling their houses – social media makes it possible to contact millions of people by having them all opt in to the conversation voluntarily online. Well, why would they want to opt in you might ask… because you have a room full of girls going through your club on a rotating basis whose own social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat) are already reaching thousands of great clients – and because 7 Veils knows how to amplify their marketing efforts in ways that will put you in the spotlight across the entire country and beyond.

“Working with strip clubs is actually easier than with many online businesses because the clubs themselves can generate a social media presence bolstered by the existing social empire that has already been built by many of their feature dancers, vendors and existing strategic partners” said Lauren MacEwen of “Turning existing tweets, upcoming appearances and name brand entertainment into a lure for new or recurring customers to follow is a fast, effective and very lucrative process for many strip clubs… but some are still waiting for a personal invitation to take their marketing to a new level… so gents, [here is your invite] and now you don’t have any more excuses!”

7Veils works with several offline businesses in the adult industry and is also able to broker mutually beneficial arrangements between clubs and stores in a variety of regions to help each succeed locally while building your brand recognition nationally at the same time. When your potential customer comes to town you want them already planning to visit your club, with your name at the tip of their tongue and their cash at the tips of your fingers. Packages start at less than $500.00 per month and your return on that investment makes it one of the smartest moves you’ll make all year. Contact us for  list of references and to discuss the specific of your own successful social media campaigns today.

Featured Webmaster

fully managed webmastersWe are very excited to be featured on Fully Managed Webmasters. Fully Managed Webmaster is a continually updated listing of quality webmaster services and reliable turn-key products that are capable of improving the value of your digital property with little or zero work necessary from you or your in house staff.

At 7 Veils we strive to provide quality social media management and strategy. For most of our clients, we provide fully managed social media. Meaning you don’t have to do anything. We work with your team to make sure your social marketing goals are being met, and we do all the posting, engagement and analysis so you don’t have to manage it yourself. 

Pics from AEE and Internext


Pics from AEE 2012 and Internext


Long Term Networking

Sexy Tree

This didn’t happen overnight. Give your contacts time to grow and develop.

For many people conferences are an important part of our business networking. They are a way we can keep up with the industry changes, technology, and new people. It is the best way to make real life relationships with people and take your conversation off the computer.

This week 2 big conferences are back to back. Internext is the 15th-17th and AEE is the 18th-21st. There will be many important people from the adult entertainment community at one, if not both, of these conferences.

A lot of people go to these shows with unrealistic expectations. They think they will meet people and as soon as they get home they will have a treasure chest of opportunity. Well, in some ways they are right. The networking is incredible. If you make the right connections you might have a treasure chest of opportunity. To mix my metaphors, that doesn’t mean that they will fruit over night.

When you go to a show be prepared to nurse those relationships. The show is just the first step, though a very important first step. Now you need to follow up. You need to keep in touch. Over time you will be surprised at what can come from these contact. Sometimes direct businesses, sometimes referrals…sometimes both!

Occasionally an opportunity will convert immediately after a show, but often time they have  a several month gestation. So go to the shows but give it time to develop.

Social Media at AEE

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Next week I will be heading out to Las Vegas for Internext and AEE. Though no longer paired with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) it looks like it will be a good show. Last year I was on the social media panel at AEE. It was a great panel with standing room only. As I am on the panel again this year, I am hoping for similar turn out.

Social Media: Are You Connected? (AEE/ANE)
The thing about social media for businesses is that it’s always evolving even as the underlying goals—connecting with clients, branding, messaging, and community building—remain the same. Social networks are not only here to stay, for many people they are now the place where they get much of the news and other information they use to make decisions about what to buy and how to live. This seminar will bring attendees up to date on the latest social network trends.

Fellow panelist include:

If you are at AEE come by on Friday, January 20th, and check out the panel!

Mainstream Thinks Dot XXX is a Bust


Dot XXXAn op-ed piece was written on Mashable about the new dot XXX domain. It was a criticism piece about dot XXX being an irrelevant domain and that main stream people will only be buying it to prevent pornographers from using their trademark.

The author was ignoring the first non-adult trademark to purchase a .XXX with their own uses in mind..PETA. PETA was one of the first companies to buy a .XXX and they have every intention of using the site for their own marketing purposes. Since many people think that their ads are verging on pornographic anyway, it will be interesting to see what they do with their new domain.

The writer continued to criticize the adult industry and their history of domain names, saying that most of our traffic is based off of accidental web stumbles instead of specific searches, SEO and all the other traditional means of driving traffic to a site. He used the example of being an adult site and not a site for the White House. In that case, yes accidental traffic was the primary source. Of course the domain also gained a big reputation because it is not the White House and people liked the humor of it.  In this case the criticism  was more that someone was quick enough to buy that hot domain real estate and figure out a way to monetize it in a big way.

He also used as an example of a site not being what is appears to be.  According to this logic, your business URL and name needs to be reflective of exactly what you do. So if you make wool scarves, you better call your business Wool Scarves Inc and have the domain be Because branding like “Warm Sheep” is misleading. I think the marketing world on a whole would have a huge issue with this logic.

Is he right that most mainstream businesses will buy a .XXX domain to prevent someone else from using it? Yes. Of course that is why they also bought .net, .me, .com, .co, .info, .cc ….you get my point.  If your business is trademarked and branded you want to make sure that you are capturing every possible source of traffic. You don’t want someone else benefiting from your brands hard work. Is .XXX any different? No.

So will there be some mainstream .XXX that is actually used? Yes. Will some be parked? Yes. Does it mean that .XXX is a failure? ….no.

Buying Twitter followers is like a bad boob job

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blue gloved hands covering breasts that are oulined in dotted lines for breast implantsYou created a Twitter account.  You learned to tweet. You started following people, and some started to follow you back.  But you see other tweeps who have thousands of followers, compared to your hundred.  The green-eyed monster rears its big green head and you want that many too.  So what do you do?  Believe it or not, many people go out and actually buy their followers.

Buying followers is not the answer.

There are many services out there that will let you buy followers.  I say to people, a little tongue-in-cheek, that for $100 I could have 10,000 followers tomorrow.  Ok, it would be a bit more than $100 and it might take a week, but I could still get them.  The problem with buying Twitter followers is that it is like a bad boob job. It looks good on the outside, but when you take your shirt off it looks awful. What I mean with my awful metaphor is this: looking like you have 10,000 fans overnight is great, on the surface. Instant popularity. The reality is that it is hollow (warning, here comes another bad metaphor); it is a one night stand with no orgasm.  Not only is it meaningless, there is no satisfaction.

  • Bought followers do not read your tweets.
  • They do not retweet you.
  • Bought followers do not know who you are.
  • They are not necessarily even people!
  • Bought followers will never be clients or customers.
  • And they will not click your links.

Bought followers may make your numbers look good but in all probability they will  not benefit your long-term goals. If you want real engagement, click-throughs, retweets, people who help grow your network, read your tweets and do business with you, you have to do it organically. It is slower, but the payoff is much bigger.

This said, I will admit here that not all the follower buying sites out there are useless, some of the better ones offer to connect you with targeted followers and users, which is not the same as buying randomly in bulk.  Ultimately Twitter is about engagement. Sure, you can purchase as many followers as you can afford, but if you are not participating in the discussion you will not receive any authentic benefits.

#TittyTuesday #FollowFriday and other sexy hashtags

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Sexy Woman blowing hashtag kissesWant to tap into the larger Twitter world and reach people beyond your followers?  Hashtags are your key to the Twitterverse, and keywords are the spare keys you hide under the false rock in your garden.

Hashtags are words with a # in front of them. You will often see multiple words strung together into one, almost unintelligible, jumble of letters.  For instance #deletemynumberif, which is trending as I write this. If you were to space this out it would read “delete my number if”.  To make it easier to differentiate words, people will often capitalize the beginning of each word. The tag would then look like: #DeleteMyNumberIf. This makes it easier to read when stringing the words together.

What makes hashtags such a powerful tool is that they are easy to track and easy to follow. When someone uses one in a post, you can just click the tag and it will show you all the other tweets using that same tag. You can also search for specific hashtags. There is a website that shows you the popularity, and rate of posting, of hashtags. Go to to see the influence of any hashtag.

Here is a list of popular hashtags and their rate for being tweeted. Now, .07% might seem low, but the average number of tweets sent per day is 140 million. So .07% is 98,000 tweets – and that’s a lot!

  • #TittyTuesday .07%
  • #Sexy #.25%
  • #FollowFriday .09%
  • #FF 1.73% (this is a more popular hashtag for #FollowFriday)

Keywords are searchable, but not clickable. This means you can use Twitter search to look for the keywords, but if you use them in a post they will not be clickable.  One thing nice about keywords is that they do not have to be pushed together to form one nearly illegible word, they can be a series of words with spaces. This also means they are harder to spot as being keywords. However, if you use good keywords you can tap into some great trending topics.

Another way to tap into trending topics is to look at your Twitter feed. On the right side menu, there is a topic called “Trending” that will show you what is currently trending.  You can also go to sites like to see this. The site will also tell you why something is trending. For instance, “Hard Nipples” is trending. Well, you might think, of course it is trending! Who doesn’t like hard nipples?  Well this is not trending because of any Twitter After Dark action.  It is trending because a judge from America’s Best Dance Crew said something about his nipples getting hard in response to a pole dance. Ok, so maybe it should be a part of Twitter After Dark.

But just because it does not originate in adult does not mean that you can’t capitalize on it.  You have an audience that is specifically paying attention to this keyword. Tweet it out and use the keyword; you might reach an audience you don’t normally get to talk to.

Keywords and hashtags are significantly under used in adult tweets.  If you want to reach your audience, and broaden your audience, be strategic – use hashtags and keywords!