Long Term Networking

Sexy Tree
Sexy Tree

This didn’t happen overnight. Give your contacts time to grow and develop.

For many people conferences are an important part of our business networking. They are a way we can keep up with the industry changes, technology, and new people. It is the best way to make real life relationships with people and take your conversation off the computer.

This week 2 big conferences are back to back. Internext is the 15th-17th and AEE is the 18th-21st. There will be many important people from the adult entertainment community at one, if not both, of these conferences.

A lot of people go to these shows with unrealistic expectations. They think they will meet people and as soon as they get home they will have a treasure chest of opportunity. Well, in some ways they are right. The networking is incredible. If you make the right connections you might have a treasure chest of opportunity. To mix my metaphors, that doesn’t mean that they will fruit over night.

When you go to a show be prepared to nurse those relationships. The show is just the first step, though a very important first step. Now you need to follow up. You need to keep in touch. Over time you will be surprised at what can come from these contact. Sometimes direct businesses, sometimes referrals…sometimes both!

Occasionally an opportunity will convert immediately after a show, but often time they have  a several month gestation. So go to the shows but give it time to develop.