Why Engagement on Social Media Matters

This excerpt is taken from an article on AVN written by our CEO, Lauren MacEwen.

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In a day where everyone has a social media feed that is flooded by news stories, memes, photos, gifs, cat videos, something stupid that went viral, political rants, and the occasional deep thought about life, we often find ourselves talking to other people less. I mean this in real life (RL) or online. We sit on our phones when we hang out with friends. We watch TV and play candy crush at the same time, while also checking Instagram and Facebook. Our minds, our attention, and our life is spread out across all of these devices. But in a world where we have a thousand ways to keep in touch and talk to people, it seems we are talking to people less.

How many times have you posted a photo on Instagram and then keep checking to see how many people liked it, who liked it, and did anyone actually comment? For me the recipe is typically, post once, check five times. The post is proof of life and the little hearts are a validation. But why is it a validation? Why does liking someone’s post or tweet matter? Why has liking things come to replace real communication?

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Twitter Banning Upskirt Content

Recently Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had a tweetstorm about what Twitter is doing to keep its users safe. As we discovered this included hiding adult content in search unless your settings have been adjusted properly, thus leading many people to believe that they had been shadow banned by Twitter. This week, Twitter has announced the rollout schedule for the upcoming safety policy changes and what exactly those mean. And by exactly, I mean they gave a vague and confusing description.

Safety Updates

Twitter has decided to address the following topics in their upcoming safety update:

*Non-consensual nudity

*Unwanted sexual advances

*Hate symbols and imagery

*Violent groups

*Tweets that glorify violence

All of this sounds fine but what do they really mean by non-consensual nudity? All of us in adult are in full support of consensual nudity. That goes without saying, however, they are making a move to lump consensual content in with non-consensual content. John Starr, head of Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council, addressed the topic in an email:

Non-consensual nudity

Current approach – *We treat people who are the original, malicious posters of non-consensual nudity the same as we do people who may unknowingly tweet the content. In both instances, people are required to delete the tweet(s) in question and are temporarily locked out of their accounts. They are permanently suspended if they post non-consensual nudity again.

Updated approach – *We will immediately and permanently suspend any account we identify as the original poster/source of non-consensual nudity and/or if a user makes it clear they are intentionally posting said content to harass their target. We will do a full account review whenever we receive a tweet-level report about non-consensual nudity. If the account appears to be dedicated to posting non-consensual nudity then we will suspend the entire account immediately.

*Our definition of “non-consensual nudity” is expanding to more broadly include content like upskirt imagery, “creep shots,” and hidden camera content. Given that people appearing in this content often do not know the material exists, we will not require a report from a target in order to remove it.

*While we recognize there’s an entire genre of pornography dedicated to this type of content, it’s nearly impossible for us to distinguish when this content may/may not have been produced and distributed consensually. We would rather error on the side of protecting victims and removing this type of content when we become aware of it.

The biggest changes are permanently suspending an account without warning; the content does not need to be reported by a user in order to be removed, and the expansion of the definition of “non-consensual nudity.” It is great that they recognize that there is a genre of porn in this niche, but that recognition is useless since they say there is not way for them to distinguish what has been distributed consensually or not. Of course, there are ways they can identify if they wanted to work with our industry. Has Twitter reached out to the industry to ask how they can verify? No, they have not. I have reached out to both John Starr and Jack Dorsey to inquire if they would be interested in working with our industry instead of against it. At this time I have not heard back.

Julia from StockingsVR.com said, “I am always aware that social media can and will ban questionable material such as StockingsVR.com. I have decided not to use the word upskirt in any of my future updates.” She continues with a worry that many of us have, “The issue I think is my past updates—so many to police—I will also take real care in the photos I am going to use in the future.” 

Twitter has not mentioned if they will be policing older images. They have also not mentioned any other specific keywords other than upskirt leaving what they consider non-consensual nudity up in the air.

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Has Porn Been Shadow Banned? Big Changes in Twitter

7 veils social media porn##Repost from AVN## Twitter has been making changes that are having huge affects on your social media and they didn’t warn you about it. On October 14th, Twitter dropped a big hammer. They restricted your visibility in search. I know you want to scream censorship! But it is not censorship. This is not the pornocalypse. And this doesn’t have to affect you as much if you make some changes in your settings.

On October 14th Twitter made a change to their search algorithm that started hiding people from appearing in search. Accounts that noticed thought they were getting shadow banned. This is a term used to indicate that an account is being hidden from search as punishment for terms of service or community standard violations. A shadow ban prevents your tweets and account from showing up in search. They typically last 12-48 hours. No one tells you that you have been shadow banned, it just happens. But this is not shadow banning.

Due to recent issues on Twitter such as the purge to get rid of accounts associated with hatecrime, terrorism, and bots; the Rose McGowan suspension for what she believed was speaking out about sexual harassment on Twitter; and the subsequent women’s one-day boycott of Twitter, the tech giant has decided to crack down on sexual harassment and hate on Twitter. However, they are also putting restrictions on pornographic and hateful or lewd material.


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If you have any questions on how to increase your reach on Twitter, or help with any social media management, please contact 7 Veils.

Boost Porn with Social Media on Black Friday

Sexy shopping bagBlack Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year. But does that mean that people are only shopping for their kids or parents? No. People are shopping for everything and that includes porn!

Though these tactics are mainly used in mainstream business, they are still highly relevant.  On Black Friday people want to shop and you need to know how to harness that.

Here are two ways you can use social media to drive some extra sales over the Thanksgiving weekend.


  1. Custom Landing Page
    Create a custom landing page that shows some great graphics and text to feature your Black Friday special. This is a lot easier than it sounds. You can use easy to use landing page design programs, like Lujure to do a simple drag and drop to create your page. You can also add trackable links using Google Analytics, which you can automatically add to the page, or by using link shortners like Bit.ly to track clicks back to your site.Here are what some other major retailers are doing with their landing pages to help give you some ideas.Just like with anything adult on Facebook you have to be careful. They don’t like anything too provocative, but that does not mean you can’t have some fun.  Take a look the Victorias Secret landing page. Sexy and still pushing the sale.
  2. Promote on Facebook
    If you did create a custom landing page then promote your sale by using the link to the tab. That way you can direct people to your new beautiful page to promote you sale. You can also link back to your website or anything else that will give information about your upcoming event.
  3. Facebook Ad
    Thought Facebook ads have a low click through rate they are incredibly easy to target and for even specific promotions they are perfect. If you have a physical location you can easily geo-target your ads, making sure the ads will only appear to people in your geographic location. If you are solely online, you can also target via age, gender, education and interest. Again, if you have a custom landing page, make sure that new people will automatically go there by setting it as your default place to land for new users (you can do that by going into edit info on your page, manage permissions, and then chose where you want new users to land).


  1. Marketing Tweets
    Set up tweets that talk about your sale. Make sure to use hashtags to target your specific niche.
  2. Twitter Promo
    Even if you already have a sale event going on, you can still add a little extra to help your Twitter peeps. The tweeps love to know they are special. Give them their own promo code to use to get an extra bonus when they shop with you.
  3. Retweet Promo
    Retweets are a great tool in viral marketing. You can ask people to tweet your link out and let them know that they will receive a special discount by tweeting the link. There are a couple ways you can do that. You can either specifically ask for retweets and then DM anyone who RTs you a promo code or you can create a special trackable link to your website that will give people a special discount. The second way is easier and will need less involvement from you. Plus it is more conducive to the viral marketing process. People can promote your link, go to the page and get the promo. Plus by using a trackable link, or a specially designed page for your “twitter promo” you can track exactly how many people came to the page and get a gauge for your promo ROI.
  4. DMs
    We all hate those auto DMs that welcome people to their twitter. But DMs can be useful. If you are doing a big sale you can send DMs to your followers and let them know about the sale. If there is a a promo code, give them that as a special “twitter” gift. Though many people ignore DMs that are obviously ads, if you write it in a personable fashion you are likely to get a few bites.

Everyone is talking about everything, you just need to make sure you are harnessing the conversation to give your business a boost.

Ynot Awards: Businesswoman of the Year Nominee

Business woman of the yearPlease vote for Lauren MacEwen in the Ynot Awards (ynotawards.com) for Businesswoman of the year.

Our CEO, Lauren MacEwen, has been nominated for Business Woman of the Year 2015 by the Ynot Awards.  We are extremely honored to be nominated for this award.  We have been working very hard to be the top in social media, and to meet our clients needs as best as we can and keep their social marketing progressive and effective.  We are honored to be nominated with such an incredible group of peers and look forward to the award ceremony on Prague at The European Summit.

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Adult Entertainment Social Media Marketing Challenges

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big-followingAdult entertainment presents unique challenges in social media. Every adult entertainment business owner is looking for ways to drive traffic to their site. The big question, how do I get more people to my site? Traditional methods include Google ads, traffic buys and SEO.  Social media has been gaining more traction in the traffic arena. We are even starting to see industry conferences (Xbiz, The Phoenix Forum, Internext) featuring social media on their traffic panels.

What makes social media special?

Traffic from social media is considered qualified traffic. This means that every person who comes to your site from a social media source is already interested in what you are selling. People can get frustrated because purchased traffic will often be higher than what is driven organically from the social media networks. However, the adult traffic from social networks have a higher conversion rate. So the value of a social media client is higher than that of purchased traffic.

Why is social media for adult entertainment different?

The adult entertainment industry cannot use social media in the same way that mainstream business does. There are restrictions on many of the networks, Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest, to name a few. These restrictions often prevent adult websites from linking back to their site or even sharing content.  This begs the question, why are adult brands using these social networks and how are they using them?  There are ways to work around the restrictions. This often involves being creative in your content creation and opening up to alternate routes for driving traffic. Many adult companies will also use the restrictive networks as a tool for branding instead of traffic.

The restrictive networks are not the only ones out there. One of the best sources for traffic is welcoming to adult entertainment, and that is Twitter.

Twitter is one of the top traffic driver for websites. This is often true for both adult and mainstream companies. Twitter allows for more aggressive networking and is a platform designed for content distribution. The one restriction on Twitter is that adult companies cannot pay for a sponsored tweet or ad.

Tumblr and Reddit can also be good sources of traffic for adult entertainment, though they are restrictive on the use of affiliate codes.

Google Ads vs. Social Media

For years Google Ads has been the go-to ad platform for most businesses. If you want to boost your search for your keywords, you went to Google Ads. However, Google has restricted adult ad placement on their search engine. This means that Google Ads is off the table for most adult entertainment websites. Social media is the next tool to pick up the slack.

If you are interested in discussing your social media strategy for your adult entertainment business, please contact 7Veils. We are the premier social media marketing company in adult entertainment and would be happy to discuss your adult social marketing presence.

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YNOT Business Woman of the Year Nominee

Our CEO, Lauren MacEwen, has been nominated as the YNOT Business Woman of the Year 2013! We are so proud and excited to be nominated for the award and to be included with such an amazing group of women.

Lauren MacEwen YNOT Business Woman of the Year Nominee