Why Engagement on Social Media Matters

This excerpt is taken from an article on AVN written by our CEO, Lauren MacEwen.

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In a day where everyone has a social media feed that is flooded by news stories, memes, photos, gifs, cat videos, something stupid that went viral, political rants, and the occasional deep thought about life, we often find ourselves talking to other people less. I mean this in real life (RL) or online. We sit on our phones when we hang out with friends. We watch TV and play candy crush at the same time, while also checking Instagram and Facebook. Our minds, our attention, and our life is spread out across all of these devices. But in a world where we have a thousand ways to keep in touch and talk to people, it seems we are talking to people less.

How many times have you posted a photo on Instagram and then keep checking to see how many people liked it, who liked it, and did anyone actually comment? For me the recipe is typically, post once, check five times. The post is proof of life and the little hearts are a validation. But why is it a validation? Why does liking someone’s post or tweet matter? Why has liking things come to replace real communication?

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