Brick And Mortar Strip Clubs Benefit From In House Social Media Resources

gentlemans club social media

gentlemans club social mediaIf you have been running your own erotic club, sex toy store or gentleman’s cabaret, you may have mistakenly believed that social media is just for ‘online’ adult businesses when in fact your dressing room is a gold mine waiting to be turned into massive new revenue streams with very little time or effort being invested.

Your regular customers may already know where to find your club through branding, marketing and hard earned name recognition from years of marketing in local media outlets, but did you know that major strip clubs bring in a majority of their profits from more elusive traveling customers who come to town only once in a while? That’s exactly right, because the business convention or customer who is looking to get in good with his own clients often spends ten times what any regular might offer up in a visit to your club. All your premium services, champagne room extras and top shelf offerings are worth buying when your client is doing it to impress his colleagues or curry favor with a new found friend.

So, how do you reach a national audience of potential big spenders in the most cost-effective way possible? By contacting them directly! No, we don’t mean emailing them or calling their houses – social media makes it possible to contact millions of people by having them all opt in to the conversation voluntarily online. Well, why would they want to opt in you might ask… because you have a room full of girls going through your club on a rotating basis whose own social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat) are already reaching thousands of great clients – and because 7 Veils knows how to amplify their marketing efforts in ways that will put you in the spotlight across the entire country and beyond.

“Working with strip clubs is actually easier than with many online businesses because the clubs themselves can generate a social media presence bolstered by the existing social empire that has already been built by many of their feature dancers, vendors and existing strategic partners” said Lauren MacEwen of “Turning existing tweets, upcoming appearances and name brand entertainment into a lure for new or recurring customers to follow is a fast, effective and very lucrative process for many strip clubs… but some are still waiting for a personal invitation to take their marketing to a new level… so gents, [here is your invite] and now you don’t have any more excuses!”

7Veils works with several offline businesses in the adult industry and is also able to broker mutually beneficial arrangements between clubs and stores in a variety of regions to help each succeed locally while building your brand recognition nationally at the same time. When your potential customer comes to town you want them already planning to visit your club, with your name at the tip of their tongue and their cash at the tips of your fingers. Packages start at less than $500.00 per month and your return on that investment makes it one of the smartest moves you’ll make all year. Contact us for  list of references and to discuss the specific of your own successful social media campaigns today.