Being Interviewed on The Elm Avenue Show

On Wednesday I am going to be interviewed by Elm Avenue. This is a online video interview show that talks to people in the adult entertainment industry to help educate people who are interested in learning more about the adult industry. The show was started by founder Benic Way. The idea came from the launch of Extra Lunch Money. When Benic and his partner Eric were starting the business, only one of them had experience in the adult industry. As two good tech savvy people they hopped on Google and started to research.

For any of you who have ever tried to research actual adult business, and were not just looking for porn, you will know that the information out there is sparse. Often times people have to go to the conferences and attend panel after panel to learn about the inner workings of the industry. As a frequent panelist, I can tell you that they are an amazing resource and give you direct access to many of the leading industry experts. However, not everyone can afford the time or money to go. Not to mention that you might not want to wait until the next conference to learn about the industry.

Benic and Eric decided if they were going to do the research they should contribute back to the community and share their knowledge. Much like industry blogs…like this one…there are many people who want to share their knowledge and help other people navigate the murky business waters. However, the issue in adult is there are not many industry blogs that share inside information. Though more are coming into development all the time. I even know of some interesting adult business communities that are in development. 😉

Launching Elm Avenue was a great way to get even more in depth information from people within the industry.

On Wednesday I am going to be one of Benic’s featured guests. So stayed tuned and I will blog about the interview and share the links next week!

And if you are wondering why it is called the ELM Avenue Show.. ELM – Extra Lunch Money. 🙂