Is Porn Popular or Influential?

Cheerleader Beach Party

Does your popularity convert to influence? Do your friends actually read your tweets? Converting popularity to influence is integral to your social media strategy.

There is always a battle between influence and popularity.  Popularity is sexier, but influence is a lot more powerful. Porn plays in both worlds. So which is more significant?,

How often do we get caught up in the desire for popularity instead of recognizing the importance of influence? Honestly, fairly often. But these two levels of social relationships can, and do, intersect. In the world of porn, popularity can also be influential.

At what point might you be sacrificing your influence for popularity?

Social media mirrors everyday life, where the popular kids seem to have it all.  The trendy people in social media have the big numbers. We go to their profiles and see 30,000 Twitter followers or 10,000  Facebook fans. They have lots of tweets, everyone wants to follow them, and they seem to be the admired role models.

Twitter, in particular, supports the notion of popularity. When you decide whether to follow someone, you base that in part on how many followers and how many tweets they have racked up.

Social proof is the idea that your popularity proves your influence. Although in a sense this is true, the equation is not that simple. Social proof is not just popularity, it is actually based around influence. Say that you have 20,000 followers and tweet a call to action like “Visit my new website.  If on in ten people respond, and even fewer retweet, your level of influence is low. So what value do your other 19,900 followers have? Very little. However, if you have 200 followers, tweet a call to action and 150 of them retweet and respond, your level of influence and the value of your followers are high.

The biggest mistake people make in social media is that they see people with 30,000 followers and decide that to be successful they need to mimic them. They may get numbers, but they may not be implementing the engagement strategy that creates real impact.

It is easy to get numbers. Anyone can buy followers. I can have 10,000 overnight if I choose, but not one of them will read anything I tweet.

The magic combination is being both well-known and influential. There are tweeters who have achieved this magic combo and create strong and powerful social media campaigns.

If you want to be successful you need influence, built on a solid reputation, more than popularity. That’s the real proof in social proof. Over time, with networking and a good strategy, recognition and status will come. But without influence you are just the lonely head cheerleader who has no real friends.

What Elvis Taught Me About Social Media


A list of 5 things Elvis taught me about social media.

1. Viva Las Vegas

Elvis was great about seizing the day and living in the moment.  Make sure that you are doing the same thing, and then share it on Twitter and Facebook. Tell people about what you are doing and where you are going. Share the highlights so they can live the glamorous life with you.

2. Sequins and Jumpsuits

No matter where Elvis went he got attention. You could always spot him in a crowd. Create a good image. Customize your twitter background. Have a great profile image. Create a landing page for your Facebook. Customize yourself so you stand our from the crowd. Leave people no mistake who you are!

3. A good Pelvis Thrust

Know how to be playful. Elvis was famous for his pelvis thrust. It made the girls scream and the women blush. What are you doing to get people excited? Be playful, flirty. Have fun with it. Let your freak flag fly!

4. Have Good Hair

Elvis gave great photo! With all the photo apps out there, there is really no excuse for not posting photos.  The great thing is they don’t even have to be good! Just post a picture of your self in the car rear view mirror, a snap shot in the bathroom. You don’t have to look good, you just have to be you.  People love pics and they will connect with you more if you post them.

5. Be Elvis…or a good impersonator

Elvis lived his brand. He was Elvis all the time! Even most of the impersonators have integrated their Elvis persona into their lives. This is about being your brand.  Being consistent in your brand image is important for building authority and building a strong network. So be you, but make sure that your brand image is a reflection of you.

Amy Winehouse trends on Twitter


Amy Winehouse died Saturday morning, from what is likely an overdoes. She is the bluesy singer famous for her deep voice and “brazen” lyrics. Though by the end of her life she was almost more known for her drug and alcohol problem than her music. Though her infamous song “rehab” did seem to portend the underlying issues that lead to her early death. Her performance in Belgrade was caught smartphone cameras and immediately reached viral video status as the world watched her slur and stumble through what was ultimately her final performance.

The day that Amy’s death was reported, she again made the viral news. Twitter and Facebook were a buzz with discussion and sad goodbyes to the young talent. The hashtag #AmyWinehouse immediately started trending.

Other hashtags and keywords that were trending in conjunction with #AmyWinehouse was #27club and Keith Richards. The #27club was an obvious one, because she is another musician that died at the age of 27.  However, the cultural link to Keith Richards was an interesting leap. Richards was being referenced in relation to Winehouse generally in amazement that Keith has not overdosed, yet Amy did. Despite the brevity of the subject, it was a frequent reference.

Keith Richards Amy Winehouse Tweet

Another trend that was being fed by Amy Winehouse was  the hashtag #goplankintraffic. Though a totally disconnected hashtag that is referring to the sport “planking”, many people were making comments about the overall Twitter response and using the #goplankintraffic hashtag as an expletive to express outrage.

#goplankintrafficA disturbing trend was the use of Winehouses user name in a way that was trying to make it look like Amy was still tweeting, and therefore not dead.

Amy Winehouse Tweet

Amy Winehouse Tweet

Amy Winehouse Tweet

Though you could easily go to her account and see that she had not tweeted since July 15th.  Regardless, it does make me question why people want to feed into the rumor that she is not actually dead. Likely they are trying to see if they can capitalize on the existing trend and create confusion, though no one really seemed to latch onto the “in poor taste” tweets.

Though Amy Winehouse was not the biggest trend in Adult on Saturday it was still a topic of conversation from talent to webmasters.

#TittyTuesday #FollowFriday and other sexy hashtags

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Sexy Woman blowing hashtag kissesWant to tap into the larger Twitter world and reach people beyond your followers?  Hashtags are your key to the Twitterverse, and keywords are the spare keys you hide under the false rock in your garden.

Hashtags are words with a # in front of them. You will often see multiple words strung together into one, almost unintelligible, jumble of letters.  For instance #deletemynumberif, which is trending as I write this. If you were to space this out it would read “delete my number if”.  To make it easier to differentiate words, people will often capitalize the beginning of each word. The tag would then look like: #DeleteMyNumberIf. This makes it easier to read when stringing the words together.

What makes hashtags such a powerful tool is that they are easy to track and easy to follow. When someone uses one in a post, you can just click the tag and it will show you all the other tweets using that same tag. You can also search for specific hashtags. There is a website that shows you the popularity, and rate of posting, of hashtags. Go to to see the influence of any hashtag.

Here is a list of popular hashtags and their rate for being tweeted. Now, .07% might seem low, but the average number of tweets sent per day is 140 million. So .07% is 98,000 tweets – and that’s a lot!

  • #TittyTuesday .07%
  • #Sexy #.25%
  • #FollowFriday .09%
  • #FF 1.73% (this is a more popular hashtag for #FollowFriday)

Keywords are searchable, but not clickable. This means you can use Twitter search to look for the keywords, but if you use them in a post they will not be clickable.  One thing nice about keywords is that they do not have to be pushed together to form one nearly illegible word, they can be a series of words with spaces. This also means they are harder to spot as being keywords. However, if you use good keywords you can tap into some great trending topics.

Another way to tap into trending topics is to look at your Twitter feed. On the right side menu, there is a topic called “Trending” that will show you what is currently trending.  You can also go to sites like to see this. The site will also tell you why something is trending. For instance, “Hard Nipples” is trending. Well, you might think, of course it is trending! Who doesn’t like hard nipples?  Well this is not trending because of any Twitter After Dark action.  It is trending because a judge from America’s Best Dance Crew said something about his nipples getting hard in response to a pole dance. Ok, so maybe it should be a part of Twitter After Dark.

But just because it does not originate in adult does not mean that you can’t capitalize on it.  You have an audience that is specifically paying attention to this keyword. Tweet it out and use the keyword; you might reach an audience you don’t normally get to talk to.

Keywords and hashtags are significantly under used in adult tweets.  If you want to reach your audience, and broaden your audience, be strategic – use hashtags and keywords!



Sexy Talk on Twitter! Tips to boost your Twitter

Sexy Twitter Lips

Are you chatting people up on Twitter?

How do you super boost your Twitter? When people ask me this I always tell them engage engage engage! Engagement marketing is the most effective form of social marketing. The whole principle behind it is talking to people. That also happens to be the founding principle of all social media. So it is no surprise that it is the most effective way to manage your Twitter.  The next big question is how do I engage? Get with the sexy talk! Ok, it doesn’t actually have to be sexy talk. But you have to talk to people.

Who do you talk to? Everyone! Talk to tweeps who follow you. Find a hashtag or a trend and talk to someone who posted something that made you laugh. Search for keywords for your industry and talk to the people that come up in the search.  The important thing is that you start talking!

Being a wall flower in social media not only will not get people to talk to you, but you will actually be invisible. If you want to be seen and build your visibility you need to put yourself out there. By this I mean talking to people. Tweeting about your business and your website is fine, but make sure that is not all you talk about. You need to talk to other twitters about what they are doing. Retweet their content. Ask them about their work and projects. People love to talk about themselves. If you are wondering how to start a conversation ask them about them.

Social sharing is one of the foundations of social marketing. You build your clicks by having people share your content. The more generous you are with sharing the more generous they will be with their sharing. The soap box methodology of marketing does not work. People on Twitter are not interested in just hearing about you. It is a more of a scratch my back and I will scratch yours type of environment. People want to know that you are a resource, someone who will post interesting and relevant content.

Some of you may be thinking, but I am in porn? Yes, it works that way in porn too. Talk to your tweeps. Retweet pics of their #TittyTuesday posts and they will likely retweet yours. Plus your audience likes to see the interaction. When you talk to other people you become more interesting. Not just to them but to all the folks who are reading your tweets.

So go out there and get talking!

How to Link your Facebook to Twitter


How do you link a Facebook Page to Twitter?  This has been a big question that people ask all the time.  It is called syndication when you post on one source and it shares that same post in multiple locations.

I am going to tell you how to link your Facebook to your Twitter. Then I am going to tell you why you shouldn’t do it.

How to Link your Facebook Page to Twitter

Social Syndication: Linking Facebook to Twitter

First things you need to have are 1. a Facebook account and 2. a Twitter account.

Then go to

Click the “Link to Twitter” button next to your fan page and you are done.

You can also choose what content is shared from Facebook to Twitter. For instance you want to share updates but not events, or photos but not links. You can customize your syndication so not everything you post on Facebook is simultaneously posted on Twitter.

Why you should say no to syndication

Facebook and Twitter are two very different social networks. They are used for different purposes, in different ways. They have different audiences and different voices. Many of us in adult avoid Facebook because too many profiles and pages get deleted. But for those of us who do use Facebook we have figured out that the best way to stay on Facebook is to keep our posts clean.  Well, on Twitter we don’t really have to worry about that.  So to say that the audiences are different, and the posts that are acceptable are different is a pretty gross understatement.

  1. Twitter is limited to 140 characters and Facebook is not. So when you post on Facebook, and it is longer than 140 characters, you will get a post on Twitter that will be truncated.. The problem with this is that it becomes obvious that you are posting from another account.
    Facebook post on Facebook

    This is the original Facebook post. It is much longer than what you saw on Twitter. Though this is a good post of Facebook, it was not one written for Twitter.

    Facebook post on Twitter

    This is a tweeted posted by Facebook. You can see that the majority of the update has been cut off and a link has been given for you to be able to read the entire post.

  2. Truncated posts. The problem with having a truncated post is that your tweet is being cut off mid thought or sentence. If the person is interested in reading the rest they will have to click the link and go to another platform to read the rest of the post. Though the pornsters on Twitter are use to clicking links, they will not be as thrilled to click a link that takes them to a post that has been made Facebook acceptable.
  3. Phoning in your Social Media. No one likes to think that your social media account is not actually you. They want your Twitter to be you tweeting and know that you are there to respond to them if they interact with you. A post coming from Facebook demonstrates that you are not interested in being on this social platform and that you just want to get your information out to the world.
  4. Duplicate Posts. If you are posting the same thing on both the social networks, the part of your audience that does follow you on both will be bored. The audience that is looking into your and checking out your two profiles will see that they are the same and not find any reason to follow both.

Vivid Swayed by the Court of Public Opinion

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On July 6th Vivid Entertainment offered Casey Anthony a XXX contract. To say the public was shocked and appalled was a sever understatement. There was a cry of outrage all across Twitter. The loudest cries came from the adult stars who were extremely vocal about their disgust with Vivid and were making calls for a boycott from their fans…and from the stars!

Isis Taylor TweetWhen people with 51,000 followers ask them to stop buying Vivid, and then ask their friends who also have tens of thousands of followers to stop buying Vivid, you will feel the power of their influence. The ability to reach literally hundred of thousands people within a matter of minutes is a flex of muscle that most people cannot match.

Well, being lambasted on Twitter and Facebook, in the blogs, in the news, and on the message boards had an effect because Vivid withdrew the offer before the end of business the same day they made the offer. Hersch stated, “It has become obvious to us that Vivid fans, and people in general, want nothing to do with her and that includes a XXX movie.”

The court of public opinion released its verdict hard and loud and in the process demonstrated the power of social media. Never before has public opinion had the swiftness and the strength that social media provides. Not only do people have a vehicle for their voice but the have access to huge networks on a massive scale. In moments like these you see the power of influence and how a few influential people asking for support can spread their issue across the internet, and therefore the world, like a wild fire in a tumbleweed field. What previously took huge media influence, possibly orchestrating incredible numbers of people to protest, and would take weeks if not months to express the depth of disapproval about an issue can now take less than a few hours.

The power of your influence is not just for selling or getting people to your website, but can be used for social good as well.

Protected Tweets..Protected from Whom?


twitter bird behind jail baars

I recently went to retweet someone’s post and received a warning:

Warning: This tweet is from a protected user

I was taken aback! This was a porn star. This is someone who is in the public eye. Why on earth would they protect their tweets?

If you are wondering what a protected tweet it, it is essentially a private profile on Twitter. It means that only approved people can see your tweets.

Friday Feature Photo: Adult Trading Card of Chanel Preston

Friday Feature Photo: The beautiful Chanel Preston on her tantalizing limited edition Adult Trading Card

This is fine if you are just a person and you don’t want the bots to get you, or spam. If you tweet content that you don’t want certain people to see. Or if you tweet content that only want certain people to see.

Generally speaking the number one thing people are wanting to protect themselves against is porn spam. But if you are in porn, then you are likely not so worried about that.

Regardless, if you are a website or a porn star or content producer,having protected tweets is counter productive. Your goal is to get people to follow you. Increasing your followers, increasing engagement, improving your business networking opportunities is centered around interactions. If people can’t interact with you, or even see your posts, then what is the point?

Because I am on the “approved” list, I can see this persons tweets. But this tweep just missed a networking opportunity. I was going to retweet something interesting and engaging. Maybe some of my followers would have started following this person, because I facilitated an introduction.

I could have decided to retweet anyway. However, it would only be visible to other people who follow this person. So I abstained.

Re-tweet lost. Networking lost. Opportunity lost. shame.

Chanel Preston is our Friday Feature Photo. She is a super sexxy and provocative XXX star. Her Twitter (@chanelpreston) is filled with fun flirty and provocative tweets as well as great information about what she is up to and her new projects. Make sure you follow her on Twitter. Don’t worry, her tweets are not protected. 😉

You can talk to @ATCCompany about her sexy limited edition trading card!