Amy Winehouse trends on Twitter


Amy Winehouse died Saturday morning, from what is likely an overdoes. She is the bluesy singer famous for her deep voice and “brazen” lyrics. Though by the end of her life she was almost more known for her drug and alcohol problem than her music. Though her infamous song “rehab” did seem to portend the underlying issues that lead to her early death. Her performance in Belgrade was caught smartphone cameras and immediately reached viral video status as the world watched her slur and stumble through what was ultimately her final performance.

The day that Amy’s death was reported, she again made the viral news. Twitter and Facebook were a buzz with discussion and sad goodbyes to the young talent. The hashtag #AmyWinehouse immediately started trending.

Other hashtags and keywords that were trending in conjunction with #AmyWinehouse was #27club and Keith Richards. The #27club was an obvious one, because she is another musician that died at the age of 27.  However, the cultural link to Keith Richards was an interesting leap. Richards was being referenced in relation to Winehouse generally in amazement that Keith has not overdosed, yet Amy did. Despite the brevity of the subject, it was a frequent reference.

Keith Richards Amy Winehouse Tweet

Another trend that was being fed by Amy Winehouse was  the hashtag #goplankintraffic. Though a totally disconnected hashtag that is referring to the sport “planking”, many people were making comments about the overall Twitter response and using the #goplankintraffic hashtag as an expletive to express outrage.

#goplankintrafficA disturbing trend was the use of Winehouses user name in a way that was trying to make it look like Amy was still tweeting, and therefore not dead.

Amy Winehouse Tweet

Amy Winehouse Tweet

Amy Winehouse Tweet

Though you could easily go to her account and see that she had not tweeted since July 15th.  Regardless, it does make me question why people want to feed into the rumor that she is not actually dead. Likely they are trying to see if they can capitalize on the existing trend and create confusion, though no one really seemed to latch onto the “in poor taste” tweets.

Though Amy Winehouse was not the biggest trend in Adult on Saturday it was still a topic of conversation from talent to webmasters.