Protected Tweets..Protected from Whom?

Friday Feature Photo: Adult Trading Card of Chanel Preston

twitter bird behind jail baars

I recently went to retweet someone’s post and received a warning:

Warning: This tweet is from a protected user

I was taken aback! This was a porn star. This is someone who is in the public eye. Why on earth would they protect their tweets?

If you are wondering what a protected tweet it, it is essentially a private profile on Twitter. It means that only approved people can see your tweets.

Friday Feature Photo: Adult Trading Card of Chanel Preston

Friday Feature Photo: The beautiful Chanel Preston on her tantalizing limited edition Adult Trading Card

This is fine if you are just a person and you don’t want the bots to get you, or spam. If you tweet content that you don’t want certain people to see. Or if you tweet content that only want certain people to see.

Generally speaking the number one thing people are wanting to protect themselves against is porn spam. But if you are in porn, then you are likely not so worried about that.

Regardless, if you are a website or a porn star or content producer,having protected tweets is counter productive. Your goal is to get people to follow you. Increasing your followers, increasing engagement, improving your business networking opportunities is centered around interactions. If people can’t interact with you, or even see your posts, then what is the point?

Because I am on the “approved” list, I can see this persons tweets. But this tweep just missed a networking opportunity. I was going to retweet something interesting and engaging. Maybe some of my followers would have started following this person, because I facilitated an introduction.

I could have decided to retweet anyway. However, it would only be visible to other people who follow this person. So I abstained.

Re-tweet lost. Networking lost. Opportunity lost. shame.

Chanel Preston is our Friday Feature Photo. She is a super sexxy and provocative XXX star. Her Twitter (@chanelpreston) is filled with fun flirty and provocative tweets as well as great information about what she is up to and her new projects. Make sure you follow her on Twitter. Don’t worry, her tweets are not protected. 😉

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