From Hoarders to Whoreders

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Jaime Pressly
Jaime Pressly

Jaime Pressly both funny and sexy

When it comes to movies, almost everyone loves a good parody, whether it be porn or mainstream.  The reason parodies are so great is because they trade on the cultural capital that already exists and then add a whole new level of humor. Sex parodies are even better, because now you are not only adding humor, you are adding sex.

The newest parody, Whoreders, has been released. It is a spoof of the show Hoarders on A&E. But where Hoarders is a depressing show about a serious mental illness, Whoreders is a funny movie about, well…hoarding whores.

As you can imagine, the Twitterverse is filling up with very funny tweets involving this play on words.  But what this really brings to our attention is this:

People love humor.

People love sex.

Ergo, people love funny sex!

This is a truism that can be taken to the bank!… as Whoreders is probably doing.

Lessons for social media

  • Stop trying to be so serious. Lighten up. People get tired of serious.
  • Be funny. Funny is sexy. More often than not people fail at sexy and succeed at being boring or drab.  Instead of trying to be sexy all the time, shake it up a bit and relax. Throw a joke or two into the mix.  Sometimes being  funny is sexier than just being sexy…look at Jaime Pressly
  • Capitalizing on the popularity of something else is a great way to grow your network and engagement. If something is popular, talk about it.  Talking about different topics also helps you seem more diverse.  Plenty of people only talk about sex or their next web show and it just gets dull. Don’t box yourself in. Be multidimensional. Your followers will pay more attention and in turn you will get more clicks.