Expose Yourself on Video!

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April Hunter

Sexy Adult YoutubeVideo is one of the best ways to use social media. Of course, this is not news for the Adult Industry, however some of the popular content might surprise you.

Though we all love a great porn clip, the reality is we can’t really share that with a lot of people. It is unlikely that I will post it on Facebook, in part because I could get my account deleted. I am not very likely to retweet it, unless I am in the Adult Industry. I am probably not going to email it to everyone I know.  The lesson is simple – content can be limiting.

No one knows what will go viral and what won’t.  Many times a video goes viral because a few influential people saw it and shared it.  But shy of being able to get Conan O’Brien to post your video on Twitter, it is hard to know what will be the next laughing quadruplets or sneezing panda. However, your video doesn’t have to go viral to get great exposure.

Going viral is an issue of popularity (and influence)

Oftentimes, getting a video to go viral is a matter of getting the right person to share it – someone who has both popularity and influence. Once an influential person gives the video social proof by sharing it, then the power of popularity takes over.

Keep in mind that just because a video gets a million views on YouTube, this does not mean that the originators of the video are making any money or getting people to go to their website. No one may know who they are.  They do have the potential to capitalize on the popularity of their video and use it to promote their agenda.  But one of the issues with viral videos is that the original host does not usually remain the only host. In fact, other people posting and sharing the video is the essential element of the viral process. So, even if you placed your website at the beginning or end of the video, if it goes viral it is possible that your info will get edited out.

Great exposure does not have to be viral

This is where influence becomes more important than popularity.  To get exposure for your content you need to make sure that your followers and fans will share it. The chain is simple; I share a video with my followers then they share the video with their friends.

It is called the x250 Rule:

I have 250 friends and they have 250 friends= 250 x 250 = 62,500 people

Though many of us have more than 250 friends or followers, not all of them will share your content. But every person you show your content to has the potential to show it to their friends (who might share it with their friends, and so on). Your video might not go viral in the usual sense, but you can still share it with tens of thousands people!

Make sure your content is sharable

Creating adult content that is universally sharable often means taking the “Adult” out of the content.  However, the content can be as simple as a video blog, filming behind the scenes of your movie shoot, taking some funny home video, etc.  Basically, content that shows your personality. Showing something out of the ordinary is a great way to make it personal and appealing.