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Talk dirty to me on Twitter

I am sure you are sitting at your computer, wearing your sexiest of sexy underwear and fully oiled up while you are tweeting away with all your Twitter followers. I am sure that you have a deep and meaningful relationship with every single person you tweet with and when they send you a pic, you […]


If size matters in Porn does it matter in Twitter?

The Adult Entertainment Industry is saturated with custom Twitter backgrounds. It is rare that you will find an adult star without a custom Twitter background.  Honestly, this is smart.  If you are an adult star then you need to brand yourself!  Market yourself! Get your face and your name out there in every way possible.  […]


New Twitter & Adult Film Stars- Is it Less Sexy?

If you are in the adult entertainment industry, actor, producer, photographer, etc. then you will be familiar with custom Twitter backgrounds. It is actually rare to see someone in the adult entertainment industry who does not have a custom background. But since September 14th, has the new Twitter release made custom backgrounds become a thing […]