Promoted Tweets on Twitter: Open to Adult Entertainment?

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Twitter just announced that it is officially rolling out sponsored accounts and promoted tweets.  This means that certain accounts will be paying to be in the “suggested user” sidebar. Certain accounts being bigwigs like Xbox and other large corporations. The suggestions are on people interests.  Twitter has an algorithm that factors in the people you follow, commonality among the people you follow,  as well as key words and hashtags. Their goal is to make the suggestions relevant to you, so you will be more likely to follow the sponsored suggestions. But will twitter blackball the adult industry the way that google has? Are we likely to see Playboy or Jesse Jane as sponsored accounts?

Twitter has also released that third-party applications will be feeding promoted tweets.  Currently if you are using to do your primary tweeting and feed reading then you will already be use to seeing promoted tweets in your streams, especially when following hashtags. However if you use hootsuite or tweetdeck then you have been saved from promoted tweets.  Well, not any more. If you use hootsuite then you will start seeing promoted tweets in your stream. This would be the perfect spot for adult promoted tweets. Anyone who follows keywords like porn, adult, boobs, tits, sex, etc. would have a promoted tweet camping at the top of their keyworded stream.  And honestly the audience who follows those keywords and hashtags would probably be pretty receptive to a promoted topic related tweet. But the question remains…will Twitter make this available to the adult industry?

Right now people are wondering when Twitter is going to make these marketing options available to everyone and/or anyone? Right now the select few who get to use this service will be paying a premium for it. Despite the likelihood of high costs, I am sure there are many in the Adult Industry who would be extremely interested in taking advantage of such premium twitter real estate. So lets see if the Adult Industry will get a chance to bid for this prime Twitter real estate.