Talk dirty to me on Twitter

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Follow Me StockingsI am sure you are sitting at your computer, wearing your sexiest of sexy underwear and fully oiled up while you are tweeting away with all your Twitter followers. I am sure that you have a deep and meaningful relationship with every single person you tweet with and when they send you a pic, you really are crazy attracted to them.  Ok…so now that we are done with those urban legends lets talk about building relationships that help people actually believe it when you tell them this.

Following a conversation on Twitter is much like following a conversation in person.  If someone says something to you or asks you something, you have to respond accordingly.  Too many people engage with fellow tweeps without paying attention to what is actually being said.  They will respond to a question with a sales pitch, or a thanks for taking a look at our website. What you don’t want to do is leave your potential client thinking that you don’t actually hang on every word.

I recently had an interaction with an Adult Tweep and she asked me to send a pic.  So I did.  People often want to know what I actually look like, for some reason people don’t believe that my little twitter icon of the girl with the veil is me! ha ha…yeah, so they are right.

So I sent her a link to a pic of me and then a pic of me from my wedding.  She sent me another DM telling me I was hot and asked if I were single….. um, yeah.  I said, well no. Obviously she was not actually paying attention to what I was saying.  Through more conversation it became clear she had no recollection of me, despite a number of conversations. This is not a singular experience. This is a synopsis of many conversations.

No one expects you to actually know, and remember, every person you talk to. But no one wants to think the show is a show. If you want the casual observer to become a client, they have to think you mean it. So the trick is to fake it till you make it.

It can be very hard to keep up with the myriad of conversations that happen on Twitter.  The more followers you have and the more interesting your content, the more people will want to engage with you.  This is why capitalizing on your momentum is integral.

Twitter applications like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite make following your conversations much easier.  When you receive a mention you can click “in reply to” (in Tweetdeck) or “show conversation” (in Hootsuite) to see the interactions you are having with that person.  This will allow you to respond appropriately.

This simple method of following your conversations will allow you to deepen you existing relationships, develop new relationships and demonstrate to other followers that you not only engage but your engagements are important to you. Then when you share a link to your website or suggest someone look at your product or join your vid-chat or webshow, they will be far more receptive and it won’t be taken as spam.  When you engage in the conversations, people will click your links, go to your sites, retweet your posts and tell their friends to follow you.

So take the time to respond conscientiously, it is worth the effort.