Don’t tell me you unfollowed me – Twitter Etiquette

I am sure you have seen it, those posts that tweet out that mention you and they say “So and so unfollowed me”. How often do they make you say, OMG I better go follow that person back? How many times does it actually make you feel bad? Most likely you get annoyed, and then wonder who the person was to begin with.

Most of my Twitter accounts are set to auto-unfollow after a period of time, the people who aren’t following me.  Of course I have people who don’t follow me back that I don’t unfollow just because they don’t follow men.  But if you are actively networking, you need to be careful to keep a close following/follower ratio so that way you can continue to grow past the 2000 following mark. In case you are wondering what that is, if you follow 2000 people and don’t have many people following you, you will not be able to follow any more people. To grow past 2000 you have to have your ratio at about 1:1.2  …basically you need to have your followers and following pretty close together.

So when I see a tweet that says I just unfollowed someone, my first instinct is to tweet them and say I only unfollow those people who aren’t following me back. But that is just petty and without real purpose, so I ignore it and move on.  Now if you are wondering why the are doing it to begin with, there are apps that will automatically tweet out when someone unfollows you. The idea behind the app is that if you call them out publicly they will be guilted into following you back. But realistically, this will not happen and will likely secure the opposite.

So if someone has unfollowed you and you are really bothered, check to see if you are following them and send them a personal message. It is possible it was a mistake. But don’t bug people with the unfollow apps.