10 Things I Learned from Zombie Strippers

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Zombie Strippers Zombie Strippers is not what I would call a quality movie. OK, it is actually pretty craptastic. However, I was surprised to discover that there are a few tips you can apply to your social media. And really, who doesn’t love Jenna Jameson!

10 Things I learned from Zombie Strippers:

  1. Just because you are dead it does not mean you are done… Constantly look for new ways to evolve.  You are never done, you are just changed.
  2. Being dead just gives you new skills Sometimes you have to rebrand and refocus your business plan.  When you do that you will develop new skills that will serve you better.
  3. Sometimes being bad is better than being good… If you cannot be great, then be fabulously bad. Sometimes it is better to be really good at being bad then being good at being marginal. Find your niche, even if it is not where you thought you would excel.
  4. It is like watching a train wreck, you can’t turn away… Sometimes when something is really awful we cannot look away.  Be captivating. be edgy. Make your content something that people cannot tear their eyes from.
  5. Zombies read… This was a cinematic first, a zombie was reading. It was not exciting, but it happened and I noticed.  You don’t have to always be breaking rules and taboos to get attention. Sometimes a subtle surprise works better.
  6. You don’t always have to be original.. Sometimes you can just create a new twist on what someone else has already done : Zombies, done. Strippers, done. Zombie Stripper, first!
  7. Zombie strippers make more money… Essentially they are more hardcore. This is all about commitment. Don’t half ass it. If you are going to do it then really do it.
  8. When she says she is going to eat you… Make sure that if you use metaphors your audience understands what you really mean.
  9. Zombies don’t talk in metaphors, eating you alive is literal… Sometimes innuendo gets to be too much. Say what you need to say, then you will not lose followers due to misunderstanding.
  10. Robert England is still in movies… Just because you have fallen out of the public eye does not mean that you are gone for good. You can always come back!

Porn not Verified on Twitter?

Are you verified on Twitter? Does it matter? Is it important?

For some people getting verified on Twitter is extremely important. Twitter verification is essentially a big blue check mark that says you are the real deal! It is Twitter’s way of establishing authenticity behind a well know and public persona. It is used for public figures, ie. politicians, celebrities, rock stars, etc.

Jenna Jameson verified on Twitter

One issue that a lot of adult stars face is the inability to get verified. Maybe someone already claimed your name and won’t give it up, not doing anything with it, just cyber-squatting.  Maybe they claimed your name to spam.  Maybe they are just posing as you.

Your name is a brand. You have worked hard at getting name recognition and you should be able to reap the rewards, not some random person in cyber-space who doesn’t know you from Adam. What is even worse than someone squatting on your name is if they are spamming or misrepresenting you.  Are they damaging the good name you have built?  This is, of course, why Twitter started verifying to begin with.  But many people in the adult industry have had great difficulty getting verified, or getting Twitter to help them resolve issues of cyber-squatting or spam/misrepresentation.  And yes we speculate discrimination.

Pornstar Tweet felt strong about this issue as well and created their own verification system for the stars they list. They vet the stars on their list and with any they can without a doubt authenticate, the readily offer their own check mark. Though unfortunately their check mark only appears on the list on their site and doesn’t translate to the Twitter avatar.

However, Twitter not verifying is quickly becoming a mute point because they are no longer verifying accounts. Since the change to New Twitter, many verified accounts have even lost their prized check mark.  Though support@twitter does say they are restoring them to their rightful owners.

The change to new twitter seems to come with the promise of a change to the verification system.  Apparently the verification system was in its beta form and Twitter will be rolling out a new and improved system.  Maybe this new verification system will be more open to verifying adult stars who have worked hard for name recognition and deserve to have that little blue check mark!

Hypocrisy & Sex in Advertising, more from Blogworld

Hypocrisy riddles advertising when it comes to sex. Some interesting dichotomies were discussed at Blogworld Expo 2010 such as the portrayal of acceptable sex in the media. The delineating line in advertising being romantic sex is ok to use for sales but sex for the sake of sex is not. For example, KY Jelly ads always portrays married couples having sex. The message being, recreational sex is OK if you are married.

Of course this is not a new message or a new issue.  In the United States married sex is truly the only kind of sex that is OK to promote, whether it be recreational or procreational.  Sex between unmarried people for pure pleasure is frowned upon, at least in advertising.

Now outright sex might be frowned upon but implied sex, ie. provocative imagery, is not.  At least it is not frowned on for everyone.

The ability to utilize provocative imagery in advertising is inherently tied to the purveyor of the imagery. The brand is the ambassador not their image. So if the brand is respectable then sexually provocative imagery will be accepted, but if the brand is not considered mainstream acceptable then even conservatively provocative imagery will be viewed as innappropriate. This of course is a generalization. We do see backlash when even respectable brands push the envelope too far.  But they can still push the envelope much farther than so-called not respectable brands.

picture of a highway billboard for Adultcon

The image to the left is a Calvin Klein ad that is featured in mainstream magazines. Similar ads are on billboards in major cities, off highways and scattered across the country. The image to the left is a billboard for Adultcon, an adult entertainment convention. The Adultcon billboard was asked to be taken down because of its proximity to a school despite there being nothing provocative about the billboard. The only questionable thing it says is “Adult” and that word is not that questionable, though many would consider the inferred industry to be questionable.

Interestingly though, if you search “Porn Billboard Ad” in Google images, the first image you see is not some big breasted heaving porn star.  Nope Jenna Jameson was the third image! An ad by Calvin Klein is the first.