Is Your Twitter Feed Dead?


Is your Twitter feed dead? Do you have little to no activity? Is no one talking to you? Maybe it is time to look at how you have been managing your Twitter.

Adult Trading Card: Mary Cary

Feature Friday Photo: The sexy classic beauty, Mary Cary

The basic formula to Twitter is pretty easy. If you talk to people they will talk to you. Depending on the kind of feed you have, this can become more challenging. In the adult industry a lot of feeds will be viewed as spam, especially if you are not an adult star. If you are a content provider or website, then many people will just write you off. Part of this is because there has been a precedence established that many content websites primarily use Twitter for spam.

The best way to overcome this is to actually talk to people.

  • Talk to you followers
  • Retweet their tweets
  • Respond to tweets
  • Mention people in your tweets

Talking to people and retweeting content is the best way to breath life into your Twitter feed. Usually when a feed is dead it is because of infrequent posting. Twitter is not a sprint, it is a marathon. You have to tweet daily. Beyond that you have to tweet multiple times a day.  The more active you are the more active Twitter will be with you.

Retweeting is not just a good way to spark conversation but it is a good business tool.

A great example of someone who is doing a great job with engagement is our beautiful Friday Feature Photo, Mary Carey. She has very active conversations with a lot of different people. Her twitter feed is dominated by mentions, showing that not only is she engaging with other people, but people are engaging with her too.

If you want to breath life back into your Twitter feed, start talking to people.

Mary Carey is the Feature Friday Photo with her Limited Edition Adult Trading Card.  Make sure you go and talk to this sexy blonde on her Twitter at @RealMaryCarey and talk to @ACTCompany to get more sexy trading cards!

@ATTC – The Business Cards of Porn

ATCC LogoI first met the Adult Trading Card Company on Twitter. Like many of the people I meet, we become friends because we tweet back and forth. I liked their tweets and appreciated how engaged they were with their tweeps. At the Adult Expo I finally got a chance to meet the man behind the tweets.  It was like a long lost reunion. I saw their booth and said “ATC” they said, “Yes”. I said, “I’m 7 Veils” and then we slow motion ran towards one another and embraced. Ok, that last part didn’t really happen like that, but we were both really excited to finally meet each other.

Since then we have continued to tweet.  As a girl who use to collect baseball cards and get the players autographs, I love trading cards. These are great cards. They are an excellent way to promote your image and make it as easy as a business card to pass around.  I am going to be using the ATCC trading cards for many of my Feature Friday Photos!


Mariah Chase ATCC card

Friday Feature Photo: The voluptuous Mariah Chase featured on her ATCC trading card.

JP Berkman started the ATCC in 2010, after seeing talent hit the convention circuit selling 8x10s that were a waste of money for the fans and performers—they cost the performers too much money and once the fan got them home, they would realize (whether married or single) that the 8×10’s would end up in a box in the garage or the trash. Out of this, ATCC™ was born—it all started with female performers like Lizz Tayler, Tara Lynn Foxx, Sophie Dee, Aurora Snow, Debi Diamond, Mary Carey and many more who were ordering cards from him and selling them at conventions and signings and on their websites. The trading cards are collectable and are small enough to carry around in your back pocket or wallet. What makes these cards truly unique are the girls’ stats and fun facts on the back—you really get to learn about the girls. In 2011, ATCC™ is branching out into a new market with their retail cards featuring a wide variety of the top names and brightest newcomers that will soon be hitting Adult stores, magazines stands and comic book stores—pretty much everywhere! These are the trading cards your mother warned you about and you will want to be on our team. Soon, Adult Trading Card Company™ cards will be the industry standard and replace 8x10s…forever.


ATCC has changed the trading card and Adult business in less than a year. JP Berkman started the company in 2010 and sold the cards directly to the talent. The girls sold the cards at conventions, on their sites and at signings. In 2011, he is rolling out a retail line of cards. Thirty girls will be part of the pack, but over 100 girls have been photographed. The names of the 30 girls won’t be revealed until the cards street—but, there will be something for everyone and more than one girl to love. The pack will feature five random cards and a sample of Wet Lube (one of the sponsors). Some of the packs will have a card personally signed by one of the 30 girls—and we’re pretty sure guys (and girls) will be buying multiple packs. The retail packs are set to make their premiere in July and the anticipation is growing. Look for ATCC at a local convention in the future—JP  will have some of the girls in the packs signing. With a thriving wholesale and soon to be a retail company, JP Berkman is on top of his game and has a product that is quickly becoming the industry standard. You heard it here first.

For more information, visit the ATCC website, and follow JP’s adventures on Twitter at @ATCCompany.