Happy Winter Soltice

Happy Winter Solstice!

Today is the first day of winter. It is the longest night of the year and every day after today will be a little longer and have a little more light than the day before. Have a wonderful first day of winter!

Happy Thanksgiving


Google+ Pages launched…still not for porn


Today Google+ announced that they have officially launched their business Pages. This is almost exactly like Pages on Facebook except it is on Google+.  Some key differences are in SEO. These pages will be immediately indexed on Google. Meaning you will get an immediate search engine boost for you page, and therefore your website, if you have a page. You will also be able to do a search specifically for pages by adding a + sign before the company name. So 7 Veils would be + 7 Veils to search for my page (which does not exists yet).

Though some big questions about the functionality of the pages still exist, we do know that profiles will be able to add pages to profiles.  Of course if the networking is anything like Facebook, it means you will need to have a profile in order to start spreading the word about your page.

Of course, just like Facebook, the pages are not adult friendly. The big question is will they be active evangelists against porn pages. That is yet to be seen.

You might be tempted to run out and start your own page right now, and definitely give this a try. But the registration is not yet open for everyone, and that has nothing to do with porn. They are doing roll outs, but we don’t know how long it is going to take them to roll them out to everyone.

Because of the huge SEO boost, I would recommend putting up a page on Google+. Maybe it gets deleted, maybe not. You will get a nice SEO boost, at least for a while. Work your options while they are still options!


Happy Halloween

Hope everyone has a safe and sexy halloween!  Here are some fun pumpkins to get you in the mood!

Buying Twitter followers is like a bad boob job

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blue gloved hands covering breasts that are oulined in dotted lines for breast implantsYou created a Twitter account.  You learned to tweet. You started following people, and some started to follow you back.  But you see other tweeps who have thousands of followers, compared to your hundred.  The green-eyed monster rears its big green head and you want that many too.  So what do you do?  Believe it or not, many people go out and actually buy their followers.

Buying followers is not the answer.

There are many services out there that will let you buy followers.  I say to people, a little tongue-in-cheek, that for $100 I could have 10,000 followers tomorrow.  Ok, it would be a bit more than $100 and it might take a week, but I could still get them.  The problem with buying Twitter followers is that it is like a bad boob job. It looks good on the outside, but when you take your shirt off it looks awful. What I mean with my awful metaphor is this: looking like you have 10,000 fans overnight is great, on the surface. Instant popularity. The reality is that it is hollow (warning, here comes another bad metaphor); it is a one night stand with no orgasm.  Not only is it meaningless, there is no satisfaction.

  • Bought followers do not read your tweets.
  • They do not retweet you.
  • Bought followers do not know who you are.
  • They are not necessarily even people!
  • Bought followers will never be clients or customers.
  • And they will not click your links.

Bought followers may make your numbers look good but in all probability they will  not benefit your long-term goals. If you want real engagement, click-throughs, retweets, people who help grow your network, read your tweets and do business with you, you have to do it organically. It is slower, but the payoff is much bigger.

This said, I will admit here that not all the follower buying sites out there are useless, some of the better ones offer to connect you with targeted followers and users, which is not the same as buying randomly in bulk.  Ultimately Twitter is about engagement. Sure, you can purchase as many followers as you can afford, but if you are not participating in the discussion you will not receive any authentic benefits.

Steve Jobs Dies at 56

The Apple computer legend Steve Jobs died on Wednesday at age 56. He had a rare form of pancreatic cancer. In August he stepped down from Apple to attend to his illness. Sadly he lost his battle.

Steve changed the face of personal computing. His loss will be deeply felt.

G-Male: Poking Fun at Google


Google has been stalking all of us online for years. They can now anticipate our every need from maps to keywords, to targeted ads. They even have a social network for those of us tired of Facebook.  But as they poke their nose into every level of our online activity, you have to add a little humor in every once in a while.

I give you G-Male:



Pics from Qwebec

Here are some pics from the Qwebec Expo. It was a great time and got to see and meet some great people!

Twitter Naked Image Gallery

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Twitter recently added that ability to load up images directly onto their mainframe. They have upped the ante again. Twitter has created photo galleries!

The photo galleries are your most recent photos that you have uploaded onto Twitter. But unlike Facebook where their photo strip is the most recent 5 photos, for Twitter it will be the most recent 100 images uploaded onto Twitter. It will be aggregating photos as far back as January of 2010 to compile your individual image gallery.

Twitter will be using photos uploaded from third party apps like Twitgoo and Moby.

This poses an interesting issue for their terms of service. A lot of people us third party apps to post their #TittyTuesday pics or just random nude pics. Of course this is a feature we love about Twitter, and who doesn’t look forward to #TittyTuesday, but currently the image galleries are displaying nude photos.  Obviously Twitter has either not figured this out, or not figured out what to do about it.

Because the images are being loaded on a third party app, it is up to the third party to monitor. It is possible that Twitter will insist that their third party apps be more stringent in their photo monitoring.

From a marketing perspective this is giving a great leg up for adult stars and websites. You can now pepper your profile with images from your website, or of you! It is a great way to do a little extra promotion in your tweets. So make sure that you images are good, in focus and highres!

You can view the most recent four images on your profile. But if you click an image it will take you to the complete gallery where you can see all the photos. If you click an image you can even see the tweet that posted the image.

This could possibly boost image retweets and give people much more interesting content to browse on Twitter.

In the mean time, enjoy your naked photo gallery!

Twitter Nude Photo Gallery