Time to Talk Back: Replying on Facebook

Talking Back: Toothpaste for Dinner cartoon

image courtesy of Toothpaste for Dinner

The more active your Facebook page gets the more comments and wall posts you are likely to get. A big issue that a lot of adult entertainers have is their social media is a one way street, especially on Facebook.  But if you comment back, the payoff from your fans will be huge!

The big question is: how to reply?

  1. Always reply!
    Unless the comment is just a quick “Thank you”, you should pretty much always respond. This does not mean that you have to write a full reply, sometimes giving the comment a “like” is sufficient.
  2. Don’t delete.
    It is generally a bad idea to delete any comment or wall post, even if it is negative. People will tend to think that you are avoiding an issue and will make a bigger deal out of deleting a comment than if you just respond. The only time you should delete a comment is if it is truly inappropriate, like porn or hate speech. If you do delete a comment that was in a discussion thread, I would recommend making a comment in the thread that addresses the deletion and why you did it.

Those are the two golden rules of managing your comments, but obviously there is more to it than that.

Comments tend to be one of four types:

  • Positive
  • Constructive Criticism
  • Negative
  • Spam

Positive Comments: These are usually praising your brand or your product. The person is commenting on the value you bring to their consumer experience. These are really important to respond to. This is how you build brand loyalty. Thank the person for the comment and try to add some additional value, like a fact relating to their comment – or tip them off to some exciting developments.

Constructive Criticism: This might be negative feedback but it is usually in an area that can be improved, like customer service or an issue with the product. Consider these as opportunities for flexing your customer service muscle. You can take the feedback and expand it to an email to help resolve their issue. Or if there is a solution, you can tell them how it is being addressed and thank them for bringing it to your attention. When you address the criticism head on, you are also building brand loyalty. It shows the person that you value their opinion.

Negative: These comments are usually from a bad personal experience. It can be an opportunity to remedy the situation if possible, or at least apologize. You may not gain a new friend, but it will smooth out the situation and show other people that you are invested in the customer/client experience with your brand. Plus, if one person had an unsatisfactory experience there is a good chance that others have as well, but aren’t telling you.

Spam: This is pretty much the one thing you can delete without the worry of getting push-back from your fan base. In fact, most will appreciate you moderating comments and getting rid of the spam; it will show that you care about the content on your page.


Xbiz Chicago

This week is Xbiz Chicago. It promises to be a great business to business adult conference.  I am going to be participating in a panel on social media with Pete Housely from Pornstar Tweet, you might remember him from my panel at Exxxotica Miami or my panel at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas; Kelly Shibari and adult actress as well as a social media marketing consultant and president of the Hourglass8 Media; MyPornProfile a place where pornstars and cam girls can express their day-to-day lives through social media, pictures and videos; Streamate where fans can chat with amateur performers or real live pornstars while watching them on webcam; the Free Speech Coalition and Paige Litte, adult internet star.

The panel is:

Social Marketing: Profiting From Alternative Traffic Sources

Shifting surfing patterns are concentrating an increasing percentage of online visitors at fewer venues, leading adult website operators to “fish in new ponds,” such as Facebook and Twitter. This and other sources of new visitors can be very productive when pursued correctly and are growing necessities in an era when search engine updates can wreak havoc overnight. Learn how to harness and filter valuable alternative traffic sources during this insightful session.

It will be held Friday at 1:00 pm in the Paris Ballroom, 3rd Floor.

I think the diversity of the panel is going to make for some very diverse and lively topics.

So if you are going to be at the show make sure to come to the panel. If you want to meet up with me, then let me know. You can contact me at info@www.7veils.com or tweet me at @7_Veils

Is Your Twitter Feed Dead?


Is your Twitter feed dead? Do you have little to no activity? Is no one talking to you? Maybe it is time to look at how you have been managing your Twitter.

Adult Trading Card: Mary Cary

Feature Friday Photo: The sexy classic beauty, Mary Cary

The basic formula to Twitter is pretty easy. If you talk to people they will talk to you. Depending on the kind of feed you have, this can become more challenging. In the adult industry a lot of feeds will be viewed as spam, especially if you are not an adult star. If you are a content provider or website, then many people will just write you off. Part of this is because there has been a precedence established that many content websites primarily use Twitter for spam.

The best way to overcome this is to actually talk to people.

  • Talk to you followers
  • Retweet their tweets
  • Respond to tweets
  • Mention people in your tweets

Talking to people and retweeting content is the best way to breath life into your Twitter feed. Usually when a feed is dead it is because of infrequent posting. Twitter is not a sprint, it is a marathon. You have to tweet daily. Beyond that you have to tweet multiple times a day.  The more active you are the more active Twitter will be with you.

Retweeting is not just a good way to spark conversation but it is a good business tool.

A great example of someone who is doing a great job with engagement is our beautiful Friday Feature Photo, Mary Carey. She has very active conversations with a lot of different people. Her twitter feed is dominated by mentions, showing that not only is she engaging with other people, but people are engaging with her too.

If you want to breath life back into your Twitter feed, start talking to people.

Mary Carey is the Feature Friday Photo with her Limited Edition Adult Trading Card.  Make sure you go and talk to this sexy blonde on her Twitter at @RealMaryCarey and talk to @ACTCompany to get more sexy trading cards!

Video from Exxxotica Miami

The Pretty Things Peep Show gave everyone a great show at Exxotica Miami with some Burlesque and Sword Swallowing. And please forgive the video quality, they were taken from my phone at the show.

The fire tassel dance by Go-Go Amy

Here is the video of the sword swallowing.

Some Classic Burlesque dancing by Go-Go Amy!

2 Live Crew gave a rare performance. Here is part of “Me So Horny”