Social Media Floozy

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Social Media Whore
Social Media Whore

Are you a social media prude, whore or floozy?

When people start becoming involved in social media they are 1 of 2 things:

1. Prudes

2. Sluts

As with most things, moderation is actually better.  There’s also another option:

3. Floozy

The Prude

The social media prude is the person who barely sticks their toe in the water. They create one account, lurk, and hardly ever post.  Actually, that is the best case scenario.  The worst case is: they create one account, never log in and chalk up social media as a failure.

The prude is on social media because she thinks she has to be there.  She doesn’t like it or understand it and is not truly willing to give it a really good try. Her measly attempts will sour her to future social ventures.

The Slut

The social media slut decides they are going to jump head first into all forms of social media. They create accounts on every network they can find. They blast out messages to everyone, send auto-messages to every new follower, and try to talk to everyone.  Then they are completely overwhelmed and turn their back on all of it because it was too much.

The slut realizes the importance of social media.  She realizes it so much, that in order to utilize it she is convinced she has to access all of it. She spreads herself too thin and wears herself out, generally overextending herself. Because she is doing so much of it, chances are she’s doing none of it really well; she will get burnt out without seeing any real results and quickly abandon all her efforts.

The Floozy

The social media floozy is the one who does not get into all the networks, just a few of them.  She talks to a lot of people, but no more than she can handle.  She does social media because she likes it, not because she has to. The social media floozy understands her limits but is still very active and present.

The floozy will focus on the networks she has the most fun with, and those will be the ones she gets the most out of. Because she is not overextended she won’t get burnt out. She will be able to continue with her social media for the long haul and find success. Consider the virtues of the floozy, and embrace them!