Qwebec Expo

Next week is the Qwebec Expo in Montreal. It is an Adult B2B conference. There promises to be some interesting seminars and I am sure some great networking.

The conference starts on Friday August 26 and finishes up on Saturday August 27th. If you will be at the conference, make sure you come find me.


Friday morning at 11:00 there is the New-Bees workshop. The panel will have some industry experts who have been around for a while and will share some tips and tricks to help you break into the industry.

Eddie K from X Industry Jobs will be giving a keynote on on employment in the adult industry. In case you are not familiar with X Industry Jobs, it is a great site that lets you know what jobs are available in adult entertainment. It is a great resource for companies that are looking to hire, and for people looking for an industry job. The site is designed to allow people to connect with each other in a professional manner. The other bonus, is it is not just for actors. Most of the jobs on the site are on the business or tech side. So make sure you check it out and go listen to Eddie’s keynote on Friday at 12:30.

On Friday at 3:15 I will be on the Marketing- Traffic & Social Networks panel. You will get a chance to pic the brains of myself and a few other industry experts on using social media for your brand and other ways to draw traffic to your site.


First seminar at 12:15 will be talking about mobile and affiliate marketing. These are two very strong marketing tools that are often under utilized, or improperly utilized, but have a lot of power and revenue generating potential.

This will be followed by a billing seminar and then a legal workshop. Both will be great for people new to the industry, as well as industry veterans.