Pics from Qwebec

Here are some pics from the Qwebec Expo. It was a great time and got to see and meet some great people!

Montreal here I come!

Tomorrow I head out for the Qwebec Expo in Montreal! It looks like it will be a great conference in a great city. It will be my first time in Montreal since I was a kid, so I am looking forward to seeing a little bit of the city.

I will be tweeting through out the event, so make sure you follow me @7_Veils to keep up with the conference and all the fun and crazy happenings.

Qwebec Expo

Next week is the Qwebec Expo in Montreal. It is an Adult B2B conference. There promises to be some interesting seminars and I am sure some great networking.

The conference starts on Friday August 26 and finishes up on Saturday August 27th. If you will be at the conference, make sure you come find me.


Friday morning at 11:00 there is the New-Bees workshop. The panel will have some industry experts who have been around for a while and will share some tips and tricks to help you break into the industry.

Eddie K from X Industry Jobs will be giving a keynote on on employment in the adult industry. In case you are not familiar with X Industry Jobs, it is a great site that lets you know what jobs are available in adult entertainment. It is a great resource for companies that are looking to hire, and for people looking for an industry job. The site is designed to allow people to connect with each other in a professional manner. The other bonus, is it is not just for actors. Most of the jobs on the site are on the business or tech side. So make sure you check it out and go listen to Eddie’s keynote on Friday at 12:30.

On Friday at 3:15 I will be on the Marketing- Traffic & Social Networks panel. You will get a chance to pic the brains of myself and a few other industry experts on using social media for your brand and other ways to draw traffic to your site.


First seminar at 12:15 will be talking about mobile and affiliate marketing. These are two very strong marketing tools that are often under utilized, or improperly utilized, but have a lot of power and revenue generating potential.

This will be followed by a billing seminar and then a legal workshop. Both will be great for people new to the industry, as well as industry veterans.




Ynot Summit starts tomorrow!

The Ynot Summit starts tomorrow and people from all over the country are pouring into San Francisco. From the looks of the up coming events and attendees, it should be a pretty great summit!

I am going to be on a few great panels. So if you are attending the summit make sure you come by! Otherwise I will be live tweeting from the show so keep an eye on @7_Veils

Insider Traffic & Marketing Tips

Saturday 10:00-10:45

There is no one way to drive traffic to your website. That’s why we put together a panel of experts representing various proven approaches to winning visitors to online properties. In this brief but informative panel discussion, our experts will present you with a plethora of tips that you can use when marketing your websites. Bring a pad of paper and something to write with, because it will be your job to bring these valuable marketing tips home with you and learn to implement them with your respective business model.


Tricked Out Sites: Integrating Third Party Technologies

Saturday 4:30-5:30

Today’s websites aren’t just about pictures, videos and HTML; successful modern websites integrate a number of software technologies that turn static and uninspired online properties into dynamic and engaging gateways to information and entertainment. In this exciting new addition to YNOT Summit, our panel will take a look at some of the exciting new technologies that are powering today’s adult Internet business, and talk about how you can integrate these technologies into your existing adult-oriented websites.

To see a full list of events please visit the Ynot Summit Schedule of Events

A review by of the Social Marketing Panel

Here is a great write up of the social media panel by

The Social Marketing session on day one of the Xbiz Summit covered profiting from alternative traffic sources like Myspace, Twitter and Facebook. The panel was Moderated by Peter Housley CEO of Naughty Tweet Network. The panel included Kelly Shibari from The PRSM Group, Lauren MacEwen from 7 Veils Media , Joanne Cachapero Membership Director at Free Speech Coalition, Christophe Peyras aka Frenchie from Streamate, Sam from, and Paige Little from

The session started with suggestions on how to be successful on Twitter. Kelly Shibari suggests that you be personal, reply to tweets @ you and post news and videos that you find interesting. Joanne Cachapero agreed that you need to show off your personality as well as posting videos and news. She also felt Myspace is considered to be dead pretty much at this point. Lauren MacEwen suggests you access your end users through twitter and that customers like being able to tweet you. She suggests you build sales by making connections through Twitter and if your customers like you they will tell their friends. Sam suggests you have contests and give things away to your Twitter followers.


To read the rest of this review please go to

Photos from Xbiz Chicago

The Xbiz Summit in Chicago was great. I was on the social media panel with Sexy Little Paige, Streamate, MyPornProfile, Free Speech Coalition, Kelly Shibari and Pete Housely from Porn Star Tweet moderating. It was a great panel with a lot of highly valuable information.  The show overall was a lot of fun. Great to see everyone and spend time eating, drinking and talking porn!

Video from Exxxotica Miami

The Pretty Things Peep Show gave everyone a great show at Exxotica Miami with some Burlesque and Sword Swallowing. And please forgive the video quality, they were taken from my phone at the show.

The fire tassel dance by Go-Go Amy

Here is the video of the sword swallowing.

Some Classic Burlesque dancing by Go-Go Amy!

2 Live Crew gave a rare performance. Here is part of “Me So Horny”

Pictures from Exxotica Miami

Exxxotica Miami was a lot of fun. I schmoozed with a bunch of gorgeous porn stars and saw some things that might make you blush if I mention them. The Tweet Dirty to Me panel I did with Pete Housely from Pornstar Tweet and Michael Fattorosi was great.

Here are some of the pictures I took…I hope you enjoy!

18 Tips to Rock Any Conference


18 Tips to Rock Any Conference

  1. Drink in Moderation. At adult conferences drinking is as much a part of the social business as the social business. Most people start drinking by early afternoon and don’t stop until late night. If you are trying to do some business make sure to drink a lot of water between the alcohol. You are there for business and need to make sure you keep your head about you.
  2. Go to Bed. There are tons of parties.  I mean tons. Everyone has them and you will be invited. But you are there to do business. Though some business will happen at the parties, most will happen during the day.  So go to the parties, socialize with everyone and then make sure to get to bed at a reasonable time. You don’t have to stay at the party all night to make your social presence known.
  3. Collect Business Cards. Ask for them.  Get as many as you can. Do not try to remember who they are, and who they are with, and think that you’ll just look it up later. If someone does not offer their card, be sure to request one.  If they don’t have one, give them one of yours, or ask them to write their information on a scrap of paper or the back of another card.
  4. Give your card to everyone. Give it to every person you meet. You never know who might be a great connection for you.  Bring more cards than think you will need, and hand them out like candy!
  5. Call me! If someone wants you to send them information, or wishes to talk to you more in depth about something, ask them to email you later. Request that they mention what you are discussing in the subject line. It might feel awkward to do this, but they won’t mind.  Plus it gives them an easy intro to connect with you via email.
  6. Take Notes. When someone gives you their card, make notes of the conversation as soon as you’ve finished it. If the conversation is generic, then make a note of what the person looks like. This will refresh your memory when you follow-up with them later.
  7. Know your purpose. Are you there to meet people to help your business? Meet people who can help your career? Grow your network of connections? Get people familiar with you? Work on personal branding? Or generally be at the right place at the right time?Make sure you know why you are there, because that will affect how you meet people.  You always want to have your agenda first, otherwise you will not get the value out of the venue.
  8. Work your angle. Now that you have established why you are there, make sure that you are putting your agenda first in all conversations.  If you want to grow your social networking, get people’s twitters and tweet them from your phone. If you are pushing a product, start a conversation and make a segue to talk about the product.  Make sure that despite all the glitz and glam you always have your agenda at the forefront.
  9. Know your pitch. A lot of times when you are networking with people they will ask you why you are there and what you do.  Make sure you have a succinct response that answers their question and opens up the topic for conversation. End your pitch with a question that ropes them into further conversation.
  10. Have a plan. Know in advance whom you want to meet (directly or the type of people), which speakers you want to hear, and what tradeshow booths you want to visit.
  11. Set appointments in advance. If you know that there will be people that you would like to see, call or email a weeks in advance to schedule a time to meet up. Do not just plan to “run into them” because it might not happen. And then if it does, you might not actually be able to talk.
  12. Do not focus on meeting the celebrity speakers. While meeting famous authors, speakers, and other gurus is fun, you are one of hundreds who will come up to them and shove a card in their hands. Better to meet the other people going to their talks. You can make some great connections that way.
  13. Talk to the people sitting next to you. When you walk into a seminar, take the time before the presentation begins to say hello to the people seated around you. You are there to network and meet people, so just start off with a simple hello.
  14. Ask questions of people you meet. Never lead with your “elevator pitch”. People are more interested in themselves than they are in you, so ask them questions to help them get to talking.
  15. Put your technology away. Do not run to your phone, BlackBerry, or laptop at every break. When you are working on electronics you send the message that you are unapproachable because you are busy. Utilize the time on breaks to converse with others. If you need to get on your tech, plan some time away from everyone to do what you need to do.
  16. Do not automatically send a LinkedIn or Facebook request. So often people immediately send social networking link requests to people they just met. However, different people have different policies about whom they link with. If they believe in only connecting with those whom they have established relationships, you make it awkward if you send them a link too early (which they then ignore). Instead, when you send them a follow up email, offer your LinkedIn or Facebook and give them the option to follow you. Immediately following them on Twitter is okay, as Twitter does not require a mutual connection acceptance.
  17. Read their stuff. Many people are active bloggers, twitterers, authors, etc. If people are posting online, take a second to read their work, look at their tweets or check out their website. It is a great ice breaker when you send your follow up email.
  18. Introduce others. When you meet great people, make sure to introduce them to other great people. Be generous with your connections. Don’t worry about what you will get out of it, because your generosity might end up in some business.