Pics from Qwebec

Here are some pics from the Qwebec Expo. It was a great time and got to see and meet some great people!

Twitter Naked Image Gallery

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Twitter recently added that ability to load up images directly onto their mainframe. They have upped the ante again. Twitter has created photo galleries!

The photo galleries are your most recent photos that you have uploaded onto Twitter. But unlike Facebook where their photo strip is the most recent 5 photos, for Twitter it will be the most recent 100 images uploaded onto Twitter. It will be aggregating photos as far back as January of 2010 to compile your individual image gallery.

Twitter will be using photos uploaded from third party apps like Twitgoo and Moby.

This poses an interesting issue for their terms of service. A lot of people us third party apps to post their #TittyTuesday pics or just random nude pics. Of course this is a feature we love about Twitter, and who doesn’t look forward to #TittyTuesday, but currently the image galleries are displaying nude photos.  Obviously Twitter has either not figured this out, or not figured out what to do about it.

Because the images are being loaded on a third party app, it is up to the third party to monitor. It is possible that Twitter will insist that their third party apps be more stringent in their photo monitoring.

From a marketing perspective this is giving a great leg up for adult stars and websites. You can now pepper your profile with images from your website, or of you! It is a great way to do a little extra promotion in your tweets. So make sure that you images are good, in focus and highres!

You can view the most recent four images on your profile. But if you click an image it will take you to the complete gallery where you can see all the photos. If you click an image you can even see the tweet that posted the image.

This could possibly boost image retweets and give people much more interesting content to browse on Twitter.

In the mean time, enjoy your naked photo gallery!

Twitter Nude Photo Gallery

PETA goes Dot XXX


PETA has long had provocative imagery in their ads. Many people have criticized them for exploiting women in their promotion of animal rights. But they are taking their nakedness to a new level. PETA is launching their own .XXX site. Though they might not be aware of the controversy in the adult industry regarding this TLD, they are definitely not only preventing anyone else from using their branded (and trademarked) URL, but they are capitalizing on it.

I am sure this will come as a mild surprise to many people. Though if you have really paid attention to their marketing campaigns, it is not a big leap. Of course, if you paid attention to their marketing campaigns, anyone who was looking to capitalize on a big name .xxx left unclaimed after the “sunset” period for trademarked URL registration, would not have had to think hard to come up with a PETA knock of porn site.

PETA is aware that this is a controversial move, but they have been in the center of controversy since they started their nude anti-fur and nude anti-meat ads.

Here are some ads that a few well known porn stars have already been featured in. Will the new site open a new more mainstream modeling opportunity for adult stars?

Montreal here I come!

Tomorrow I head out for the Qwebec Expo in Montreal! It looks like it will be a great conference in a great city. It will be my first time in Montreal since I was a kid, so I am looking forward to seeing a little bit of the city.

I will be tweeting through out the event, so make sure you follow me @7_Veils to keep up with the conference and all the fun and crazy happenings.

Why Your Twitter Post is Not Being Seen on Facebook

Are you wondering why you should not syndicate your Twitter on Facebook? Isn’t it easier to have your Tweets automatically post an update to your Facebook page? Isn’t it easier to not have to go onto Facebook and post yourself? Of course it is. However, if it is important to you that people see your posts, then you will say no to syndication.

I can give you lots of technical jargon that will tell you why you should not syndicate. Things having to do with News Feed Optimization and the algorithm that will prevent your content from making it onto the news feed. But there is really no better way to understand why you shouldn’t do this than to see it with your own eyes.

This post was taken directly from the newsfeed. You will notice that right underneath the post it says “See 10 more posts from Twitter”. You might think that this is 10 more posts from that same person. You would be wrong. These are 10 more stories from 10 different people, they just all happen to be syndicating through Twitter.

Syndication is an easy way to make one post and have it appear on all your relevant social networks. Where this is fine for LinkedIn, it does not work for Facebook. Outside of the fact that Facebook and Twitter are usually two different audiences, and that what is allowed on Twitter (ie. nudity) is not allowed on Facebook, your posts have a significantly lower chance of being seen because of getting lumped together with other Twitter posts.

It is not your content they are discriminating against. Facebook discriminates against syndication in any form. So if you are syndicating then you will be lumped into posts such as the one featured above. So if you want people to see your posts, you have to get on Facebook and actually post it yourself.

Qwebec Expo

Next week is the Qwebec Expo in Montreal. It is an Adult B2B conference. There promises to be some interesting seminars and I am sure some great networking.

The conference starts on Friday August 26 and finishes up on Saturday August 27th. If you will be at the conference, make sure you come find me.


Friday morning at 11:00 there is the New-Bees workshop. The panel will have some industry experts who have been around for a while and will share some tips and tricks to help you break into the industry.

Eddie K from X Industry Jobs will be giving a keynote on on employment in the adult industry. In case you are not familiar with X Industry Jobs, it is a great site that lets you know what jobs are available in adult entertainment. It is a great resource for companies that are looking to hire, and for people looking for an industry job. The site is designed to allow people to connect with each other in a professional manner. The other bonus, is it is not just for actors. Most of the jobs on the site are on the business or tech side. So make sure you check it out and go listen to Eddie’s keynote on Friday at 12:30.

On Friday at 3:15 I will be on the Marketing- Traffic & Social Networks panel. You will get a chance to pic the brains of myself and a few other industry experts on using social media for your brand and other ways to draw traffic to your site.


First seminar at 12:15 will be talking about mobile and affiliate marketing. These are two very strong marketing tools that are often under utilized, or improperly utilized, but have a lot of power and revenue generating potential.

This will be followed by a billing seminar and then a legal workshop. Both will be great for people new to the industry, as well as industry veterans.




Twitter Photo Upload: No Nude


Twitter Bird with CameraTwitter has finally launched the new API that will allow you to upload pictures directly onto twitter from the mainframe. This new service is being powered by Photobucket. If it has been a while since you heard that site name, you are not the only one. But this new pairing will likely make Photobucket competitive again. Along with the launch, it looks like  gave itself a nice little redesign to make themselves more fresh and relevant.

But despite the website facelift, Photobucket is still not adult friendly. This is from their terms of service:

  • 8.4  contains nudity, excessive violence, or offensive subject matter or contains a link to an adult website;

Though it is not like most of the photo sharing third party apps are adult friendly and plenty of adult stars and sites use them for posting. Sure yFrog or TwitPic will occasionally delete a photo, but that doesn’t seem to stop anyone. I am sure that Photobuckets attitude towards adult will likely be ignored as well. Of course, how diligent will they be with deleting the pics and because of their association with Twitter, will it affect your account standing if you violate their TOS?

The big deal with the Twitter integration of photo uploading is that they are now directly competing with yFrog, Twitpic, Twitgoo, Lockerz and other third party apps.  Since the purchase of Tweetdeck in May, and now the integration of photo uploading, Twitter seems to be trying to corner the market on Twitter based applications. But no worries to the adult market here, SexyPeek and MyPornProfile are not even on the Twitter Birds radar.

Blog on Vacation

I am outta here for a week! So I will see you after Aug. 12!


Social Media Strategist Lauren MacEwen

Is Porn Popular or Influential?

Cheerleader Beach Party

Does your popularity convert to influence? Do your friends actually read your tweets? Converting popularity to influence is integral to your social media strategy.

There is always a battle between influence and popularity.  Popularity is sexier, but influence is a lot more powerful. Porn plays in both worlds. So which is more significant?,

How often do we get caught up in the desire for popularity instead of recognizing the importance of influence? Honestly, fairly often. But these two levels of social relationships can, and do, intersect. In the world of porn, popularity can also be influential.

At what point might you be sacrificing your influence for popularity?

Social media mirrors everyday life, where the popular kids seem to have it all.  The trendy people in social media have the big numbers. We go to their profiles and see 30,000 Twitter followers or 10,000  Facebook fans. They have lots of tweets, everyone wants to follow them, and they seem to be the admired role models.

Twitter, in particular, supports the notion of popularity. When you decide whether to follow someone, you base that in part on how many followers and how many tweets they have racked up.

Social proof is the idea that your popularity proves your influence. Although in a sense this is true, the equation is not that simple. Social proof is not just popularity, it is actually based around influence. Say that you have 20,000 followers and tweet a call to action like “Visit my new website.  If on in ten people respond, and even fewer retweet, your level of influence is low. So what value do your other 19,900 followers have? Very little. However, if you have 200 followers, tweet a call to action and 150 of them retweet and respond, your level of influence and the value of your followers are high.

The biggest mistake people make in social media is that they see people with 30,000 followers and decide that to be successful they need to mimic them. They may get numbers, but they may not be implementing the engagement strategy that creates real impact.

It is easy to get numbers. Anyone can buy followers. I can have 10,000 overnight if I choose, but not one of them will read anything I tweet.

The magic combination is being both well-known and influential. There are tweeters who have achieved this magic combo and create strong and powerful social media campaigns.

If you want to be successful you need influence, built on a solid reputation, more than popularity. That’s the real proof in social proof. Over time, with networking and a good strategy, recognition and status will come. But without influence you are just the lonely head cheerleader who has no real friends.