Blogsites can be Sexy!


If you are an adult entertainer, or in the adult entertainment industry, and you have yet to create a blogsite then you need to put this on the top of your to do list. Maybe you already have a website but it is not easy to update or it just needs to get redone. It is time to convert it to a blogsite! They are by far the easiest and most effective sites to self manage.

Lets face it, in this industry most of us are not going to meet our clients face to face.  Our audience reaches far and wide across the interwebs. Your site can’t just be nice. It needs to amazing and dynamic, like you.  It needs to represent you to your clients, which means it needs to be sexy and captivating. Most importantly it needs to convert spectators to spenders.

For a lot of us creating a website is overwhelming.  Do you know html? Can you use Dreamweaver? Do you know was CSS means? Lets not even start on SEO. A blogsite makes this process much easier.

Most people think of a blogsite as a website for hosting a blog. The reality is it is a completely customizable website that is easy to edit and easy to update. It solves a lot of the utility issues presented by traditional websites and can save you a ton of money on design costs.

Updating your website…

The reason this is important is to drive repeat traffic to your site. If your site is static or unchanging then people have little reason to come back to it. To really drive traffic to your site you need to be a source of information. You need to give them a reason to keep coming back.  This is where a blogsite excels! You can incorporate dynamic content into your site through various widgets, making it easy to automatically stream content from sites such as Twitter, Flickr and Youtube. You can also easily update your site content through blog posts and site updates.

Its almost too easy…

You don’t have to be a web designing wiz to be able to set up blogsites.  Themes are the easiest way to set up a beautiful blogsite.  A theme is a preformed site that is installed on top of your blog.  It comes pre-loaded with widgets designed to make your site dynamic and highly functional.  For the most part you can drag and drop the widgets and easily customize your site.  If you are wanting something a little more complex, the CSS style sheet is easy to edit and the web is full of support sites to help you learn how to edit the code.

If you don’t want to look at code, because who can blame you for never wanting to read html, then there are many designers that are affordable and very familiar with designing on blogsites.  They can get you set up exactly how you need and then all you have to do edit your content, which is very easy to do from the dashboard of your site.

The blogsite theme I use is Genesis by Studiopress. I find it easy to work with and easy to customize.  It gives a great start to a beautiful and unique site, which if you are going to get noticed on your web your webpage is your first impression.

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