Dot XXX at Ynot


The Dot XXX panel at the Ynot Summit was definitely the highlight of the show.  The panel featured Eric Bernstein from Embalaw, the Free Speech Coalition, Vaughn Liley from ICM Registry (aka Dot XXX), and Conner Young from Ynot. The talk quickly got tense, especially between Vaughn and Tom from Free Speech.  Despite some tension a lot of information was put out, and misinformation was clarified. For instance, Vaughn said that India has not banned Dot XXX. Also to help combat some of the potential SEO challenges, Dot XXX will be launching their own search engine. Of course this does not solve the Google or Bing SEO issue, but it could create some interesting adult search and marketing options.

A new development is that you can now unblock a domain that you previously blocked. This had been a big concern for people. They were worried that if they blocked a domain it would be permanently inaccessible. The parking fee got everyone stirred up. Yes you can park your domain, but you will pay to do it. Meaning if you are getting Dot XXX simply because you don’t want someone else to use it you will have to pay a few hundred dollars more per year to not use it and keep it parked. Though dot XXX said why would you want to park a domain that is getting traffic. A good point if you are an adult site. But if you are not an adult site and you don’t want anyone attaching .xxx to your domain name, you are going to pay a hefty fee.

Here is a video of the panel if you would like to watch it in its entirety.


Ynot Summit starts tomorrow!

The Ynot Summit starts tomorrow and people from all over the country are pouring into San Francisco. From the looks of the up coming events and attendees, it should be a pretty great summit!

I am going to be on a few great panels. So if you are attending the summit make sure you come by! Otherwise I will be live tweeting from the show so keep an eye on @7_Veils

Insider Traffic & Marketing Tips

Saturday 10:00-10:45

There is no one way to drive traffic to your website. That’s why we put together a panel of experts representing various proven approaches to winning visitors to online properties. In this brief but informative panel discussion, our experts will present you with a plethora of tips that you can use when marketing your websites. Bring a pad of paper and something to write with, because it will be your job to bring these valuable marketing tips home with you and learn to implement them with your respective business model.


Tricked Out Sites: Integrating Third Party Technologies

Saturday 4:30-5:30

Today’s websites aren’t just about pictures, videos and HTML; successful modern websites integrate a number of software technologies that turn static and uninspired online properties into dynamic and engaging gateways to information and entertainment. In this exciting new addition to YNOT Summit, our panel will take a look at some of the exciting new technologies that are powering today’s adult Internet business, and talk about how you can integrate these technologies into your existing adult-oriented websites.

To see a full list of events please visit the Ynot Summit Schedule of Events