Sexy but Safe for Work?

Tanya Tate as the Green Lantern

Tanya Tate has a site that promotes her SFW content, opening up a whole alternate audience beyond adult.

I recently came across a twitter post about a safe for work blog.  We are use to seeing the #nsfw tag on posts that let us know when something is not safe for work.  Though this is not actually used enough, at least it is used. But what about safe for work?  Many people might ask what the benefit of a safe for work site, blog or content would be. There are a lot of benefits actually.

Tanya Tate has a blog that is specifically SFW. She blogs about conferences that she goes to, shares experiences from her life and  pictures from events.  In fact, Tanya is quite the frequent visitor to comic con’s. She even dresses up as super heroes.  This has gotten her a lot of attention from main stream press, like Life Magazine and

By having a SFW site, like Tanya, not only are you allowing people to safely view your content at any time but you are also opening yourself up to a potential new audience. There are people who might not be initially interested in your adult content but by offering an alternative, you now have the opportunity to introduce them to you.

Part of growing your audience base is by simply introducing yourself to them. Just because they are not looking in adult does not mean they are not interested. Give them other reasons to be interested in you.

Benefits of SFW

  • People can view your content anywhere
    Just because people want to see you naked does not mean they only want to see you naked. Being able to browse your content safely and with confidence that it is SFW can be a big benefit to your audience.
  • Be a tease
    SFW content can let you give teasers about your NSFW content. You can let people know what they can get on your other site and when they are in a location to view it, they will be able to go. But in the mean time think of it as content foreplay.
  • Its all about PR
    If your site only offers NSFW then you might be missing out on some publicity opportunities.  Even blogs and news sites that talk about adult entertainment don’t necessarily post adult content. This blog is a good example. I want people to be able to read this anywhere. Plus I want to be able to pull traffic from traditional, as well as adult, sources. So maintaining SFW content is very important.