Has Porn Been Shadow Banned? Big Changes in Twitter

7 veils social media porn##Repost from AVN## Twitter has been making changes that are having huge affects on your social media and they didn’t warn you about it. On October 14th, Twitter dropped a big hammer. They restricted your visibility in search. I know you want to scream censorship! But it is not censorship. This is not the pornocalypse. And this doesn’t have to affect you as much if you make some changes in your settings.

On October 14th Twitter made a change to their search algorithm that started hiding people from appearing in search. Accounts that noticed thought they were getting shadow banned. This is a term used to indicate that an account is being hidden from search as punishment for terms of service or community standard violations. A shadow ban prevents your tweets and account from showing up in search. They typically last 12-48 hours. No one tells you that you have been shadow banned, it just happens. But this is not shadow banning.

Due to recent issues on Twitter such as the purge to get rid of accounts associated with hatecrime, terrorism, and bots; the Rose McGowan suspension for what she believed was speaking out about sexual harassment on Twitter; and the subsequent women’s one-day boycott of Twitter, the tech giant has decided to crack down on sexual harassment and hate on Twitter. However, they are also putting restrictions on pornographic and hateful or lewd material.


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