THREADS, by Meta

6 months after the “Musk-Twitter-restructuration” chaotic and mediatic saga, the most notorious social media group: Meta, owned by Mark Zuckerberg has just launched a new text-based app called Threads.
This micro-blogging platform’s first version clearly recalls Twitter’s global activity. After only 12 hours of existence, the new social media available in 100 countries already counts 30 million users.

Threads is almost a clone of Twitter.

The layout and features are very similar: Users can post, like, reply, share and quote. When the account is public, everyone can see the number of likes and replies each post has received.
The threads are limited to 500 characters (compared to 280 characters for Twitter), it can include up to 10 pictures (just like Instagram), videos up to 5 minutes long and links.

At the moment, there is no web version of this platform.

Businesswise, what can we expect from Threads ?

The project should evolve according to the user’s experiences and feedback but at this early stage, newcomers can only create a Threads profile through an existing Instagram account. There is no clue (yet) about the SEO techniques that can be applied by anyone who would like to use Threads as a business level but based on our experience, it should follow the same Instagram logic. There is no statement about the relevance of hashtags for example but there is a high chance of “keyword repetition scores” to map the accounts circles.

Instagram’s Twitter

Both Instagram and Threads are communicating very (too?) well. For example, if the Instagram user is verified (blue mark check), this person will automatically appear as verified on Threads too. It is very important to note that if the Threads user wants to delete his account, he will also have to delete his Instagram profile, both products are bonded.

Since Threads is a Meta product, without any surprise: Porn is not welcome. Their censorship levels should follow the same Instagram vague standards: About posting nudes on Threads, Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram by Meta said: “Nope, same community guidelines as Instagram. We don’t have any philosophical issues with nudity, we just can’t verify age or consent unfortunately, which makes it a safety issue”.

According to the official website, Meta’s goal for this new social app is ”(…) To take what Instagram does best and expand that to text, creating a positive and creative space to express your ideas”.
Moreover, in addition to the adult stigma issues our industry faces, some people have already raised some concerns about Thread’s privacy and data collection (including health, financial, contacts, browsing, location and purchases), which may be a reason why Threads is not yet available in countries which have strict data privacy rules.

As a response to this new competition coming, Musk ironically tweeted: “Thank goodness they’re so sanely run”.

Should I create a profile on Threads?

The digital world is evolving at a different speed, Threads is just starting but it is powered by Meta, the gigantic social media reference. It is impossible to predict which direction this fresh project will take but based on the facts and our experience, Threads offer a new channel of communication and a way for the brands (individuals and companies), to get closer to their audience.
The humanization of the business exchanges should be a priority for any sustainable sales strategy, including for example high loyalty parameters.