How much do I have to DO when I hire 7 Veils?

You can do as little or as much as you want. Most of our clients have us fully manage their social marketing. This means we take care of all the tweets, posting, gathering content, analytics, growth, etc. Some clients furnish us with images and content. Some clients like to meet regularly and some like to meet annually. The amount of involvement you have is entirely up to you.

Do you just post on Twitter…what do you actually?

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We do post on Twitter, along with a lot of other stuff. We do your marketing post, which are posts that are meant to drive traffic to your site. We also do engagement. This means talking to people. We talk to potential customers, influencers, and people in general. We work on creating a well rounded social media presence. One that is diverse in the content that it is sharing so it works better with the algorithms on social media, as well as makes the account interesting. We also work on increasing your engagement (likes, retweets, shares, mentions), increasing your following, increasing your click through rates, and your impressions (how often your accounts appear on a timeline). We use a variety of techniques, such as hashtag strategies and social engineering, to help make your social media really work for you.

Do you need to get access to our social media account?

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If we are posting on your account for you, then yes we need access to your account. If we are doing work for you but not posting on your account, then we do not. For Facebook, we only need to be added as an admin to your page.