What is the best social media network to be on?

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It depends on your content and your audience. Twitter is typically a strong network for most companies. Reddit has been getting much stronger and in some cases has been better than Twitter. Facebook is typically not great for adult brands. Most adult companies are not allowed to post links on Facebook, or do not have content that is acceptable to the Facebook terms of service. It is good for brand recognition, but depending on your ROI goals, Facebook might be or not be a good social network for your company. Instagram is similar to Facebook in its restrictions. Additionally, unless you have more than 10,000 followers, you cannot post links on Instagram beyond the link on the profile. If you have a lot of good images, that are NSFW and can be posted on Instagram, it can be a great place for companies.  Snapchat is great if you are a performer or a studio that has a lot of photo content. Snapchat does rely on people doing a lot live and in person. So if you are able to have people posting photos with filters live, then it could be a great network for you. Snapchat does allow for some great collaborations with other people, which can really help grow your following quickly. If you have questions on which are the best networks for your brand, please contact us.

What is your strategy?

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All strategies are custom created for your needs. We evaluate every account individually and make recommendations based on that evaluations.

Do you just post on Twitter…what do you actually?

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We do post on Twitter, along with a lot of other stuff. We do your marketing post, which are posts that are meant to drive traffic to your site. We also do engagement. This means talking to people. We talk to potential customers, influencers, and people in general. We work on creating a well rounded social media presence. One that is diverse in the content that it is sharing so it works better with the algorithms on social media, as well as makes the account interesting. We also work on increasing your engagement (likes, retweets, shares, mentions), increasing your following, increasing your click through rates, and your impressions (how often your accounts appear on a timeline). We use a variety of techniques, such as hashtag strategies and social engineering, to help make your social media really work for you.

Do you need to get access to our social media account?

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If we are posting on your account for you, then yes we need access to your account. If we are doing work for you but not posting on your account, then we do not. For Facebook, we only need to be added as an admin to your page.

How many new followers can you get me in 1 month

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There is no way to know that for sure. Follower growth is affected by many things:

  • Your current growth rate. Some people start with a positive growth rate, in which case we will help increase that rate and grow your followers faster. Some people start with a negative growth rate, meaning they are losing followers. If this is the case, our first task is to stop the negative growth and turn it into a positive one, so you start gaining more followers than you are losing.
  • Your starting point. If you have 50 followers to start, you typically have a slower growth rate than if you have 10,000.
  • Are your followers real or purchased? Fake followers fall away. Twitter frequently does purges on bot accounts. If you have fake followers, it is not uncommon to lose followers during the purges.

Organic growth is different from inorganic. Inorganic is purchased followers. If you are purchasing followers, then you can say you will have X number in X number of days. With organic follower growth, we establish an active follow and unfollow campaign to help get you new followers. We also work on having an interesting and dynamic feed that encourages people to follow you. We also do influencer targeting to get influencers to engage with you, which can also accelerate your growth. If you are looking at a growth hacking campaign, then it may be possible to guarantee a range of followers. If you are interested in growth hacking, please contact us to speak about that specifically.