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Chretien Schouten

“(Site name removed)* is the only site which ranks extremely stable on top ranking terms. I tried to copy the layout, the link building the articles on another domain of me, in other words, I tried to duplicate the ranking success of (Site Name Removed)* but I failed.  The only thing which we didn’t duplicate were the efforts of 7 veils. 7 Veils is the secret sauce.”

Chretien SchoutenSocialSex
Colin Rowntree

“Our company has worked closely with Lauren and the 7 Veils team for 3 years now and I am very thrilled with their attention to detail, professionalism, creativity and constant innovations to expand our social media campaigns for broader reach.  Kudos, 7 Veils!”

Colin RowntreeCEO, Boodigo

“WeedStoreReviews is a new brand in a wide open industry and social media engagement is a key part of our overall marketing strategy. Lauren and 7 Veils are the only ones I’d trust with this kind of campaign. Their work always exceeds my highest expectations.”


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