Why Google+ is Bad for Porn

So how is Google+ different than Facebook?  Well, its not really.  Google+ (or Google Plus) is just as stringent on porn as Facebook. They forbid the content. They do not allow links to adult sites or explicit photos. Will they be as bad as Facebook when it comes to deleting accounts? Well time will tell.

Essentially Google+ is the new kid on the block of social networks. They are trying to compete with Facebook and not doing a terribly great job, despite endorsements from some pretty big people. Most of the activity is still happening on Facebook. Why? Because that is where everyone is! and by everyone I mean the 800+ million people around the world.  In many ways people are tied of learning new social networks. How many profiles have we created? Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumbler…and there are more. Unless it has something that is completely new and unthought of, and circles hardly counts, then it is not likely to be terribly sticky.

But beyond that Google+ is not great for businesses, much less porn. Currently they do not have a business profile option. There is no business page. So the only way you can be on there is as an individual. Then on top of that they won’t let you use a stage name. So forget privacy. Forget anonymity.

Though they are reporting that Google+ Pages for business is being released. However they will not be terribly different than Facebook Pages. Meaning, you will not be able to post adult content, links or anything. So is it a duplicate to Facebook? Not quite, but not far off.

Google+ Pages: Step-by-Step

It looks like Google Plus is not going to be a Facebook clone after all! The network is pleasantly surprising me with the friendliness of the network to adult entertainment.

Difference from Facebook

  • Pages growing 5 times faster
  • Engagement is lower
  • Clicks are comparable
  • Allow adult links (though they say they don’t in the TOS, they network is being very tolerant)
  • When they suspend a page they give you the option to protest it and get your page reinstated (this usually happens within 24 hours)
  • You can use hashtags
  • You can post in topic related searches. This means if you search for #dating then post while in that search, your post will be tagged by that search making your post more topic related.
  • Indexing to Google immediately upon posting

So if you have not gotten your business on Google+ it is time to join the party. Here is how:

Ready to get your Google+ Business Page?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Google+ Pages Create a Page1 . Sign up: Go to:

  • Click “Create your Goolge+ Page”

Google+ Page Categories

3. Category: Select the main category for your page.

  • Local Business or Place- this is for if you are primarily local or have a physical location.
  • Product or Brand- if you are creating a page for one specific product item or for a brand.
  • Company, Institution or Organization- this is the general business category
  • Arts, Entertainment or Sports- anything having to do with these categories, though often these are people like artists and musician or groups of people like a sports team.
  • Other- If you just don’t quite fit anywhere, you can assign your own category.

4. Sub-Category: After you select a main category you will be able to select a sub category that best describes you.

5. Page Name: Enter in your page name. This is what everyone will see as your page name and how people will find you. Do not make it too complicated and keep it to something that is easy to remember. Tip: Do not put XXX or Sex or really anything that seems to be obviously porn related in the name. That is a sure fire way to get your page removed.

6. URL: Enter in the URL for your website.

7. Age Restriction:You can opt to have age restriction on your page. This is good if you talk about mature issues, alcohol or drugs. The ages restrictions available are 13+, 18+ and 21+. Tip: Best to keep the wolves at bay! Set your page to 18+.

8. Profile Photo: Your profile photo is your face to the world. You may want to put your logo in here, or a picture of you. But whatever you decide make sure that the picture is square. Unlike Facebook, Google+ Pages give limited real estate to your pic. You can make this sexy, but keep it PG13. You don’t want your profile pic to be the reason your new page gets deleted.

9. Tag Line: This is where you get to put some quick little tid bit about your business. Think of this as your elevator pitch. You want something that describes your page and essentially draws someone into the page. This is a good place to be fun and flirty.

That’s it!