10 Reasons to Tweet with Porn Stars


Porn Stars on Twitter

Porn stars are sexy, flirty and show you boobies!

People ask me all the time why people follow porn stars. My first response is usually why not follow porn stars?! But it is undeniable that porn stars have a corner in the market of Twitter. They get huge numbers of followers and are some of the most popular and influential accounts on Twitter.  So why is that?

Here is a list that outlines why people love to tweet with porn stars.


10 Reasons to Tweet with Porn Stars

  1. They post pictures of their boobies
  2. Fans like to know that porn stars are people too
  3. People like to talk about sex and no one does it better than a porn star
  4. They post pictures of other peoples boobies
  5. They talk about the sex they have had, are having, and are going to have
  6. They flirt without worry
  7. Fans like to know what films the stars are working on and what is coming up
  8. Behind the scene photos
  9. They share candid pics that you would never normally see
  10. They are hot!

Ultimately porn stars are stars. Though most are not Hollywood stars, they are stars in their niche.  What makes them so much more interesting than Hollywood stars is that they are accessible.  If you tweet a porn star, there is a good chance they will Tweet you back.  Go tell @JesseJane that she is beautiful. She will likely say something, or tweet a cute emoticon back to you.

So they talk about sex, flirt with you, show you their boobies, show you their friends boobies, and talk to you. So ask me again why you would want to follow a porn star?