ICANN opens up TLD Registration- Are you ready for .Sexy?

Friday Feature Photo Tara Lynn Fox Adult Trading Card

Friday Feature Photo: Tara Lynn Foxx on her limited edition Adult Trading Card

So .XXX is not the only top level domain that is throwing their TLD into the ring. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the organization that oversees TLD’s is opening up registration.

For most people we never think about our TLD, except maybe when you are registering a new web address (URL). In the adult industry, with all the hullaballoo about .XXX, I think it is safe to say that TLD’s have become a common topic of conversation. Whether you are for or against it, .XXX is making people think about the importance of their web address real estate.

.Com is the prime real estate on the internet. It is such prime real estate that most people assume you are a dot com. If you don’t have the prime domain then you might  be sending web traffic to the site that does own your dot com.

Every once in a while a site like will try to convince us that a TLD like .CO will be the next .com. This is more a marketing push to get people to register .co instead of, or even in addition to, a .com. Of course there are other issues with .co, like people thinking it is a typo or mis-remembering it as .com. To date, dot XXX is the only alternative TLD to gain traction as a plausible dot com replacement.

Despite dot com continuing to dominate website naming conventions, a few have managed to worm their way in. The TLD .me is one that is gaining popularity as it gets incorporated into URLs and in certain ways become phrases, like a calendar and meeting scheduling website. “Hey, just” is becoming a phrase people are starting to hear. is a real estate social network.

Another TLD that has made a splash is .ly. You might be wondering what sites use that. Well, how about This is the number one website used for shortening web urls for social sharing. Almost every adult star and adult website will be familiar, and have likely used, at some point in their social marketing ventures.

So despite the overwhelming cost ($184,000) to submit a new TLD to ICANN, do not be surprised if you start seeing some interesting ones out there like .you or .whatever or .sexy. They may not overtake .com but will any of them get traction? Or will dot XXX be the only top TLD to cause a stir?

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Is Your Twitter Feed Dead?


Is your Twitter feed dead? Do you have little to no activity? Is no one talking to you? Maybe it is time to look at how you have been managing your Twitter.

Adult Trading Card: Mary Cary

Feature Friday Photo: The sexy classic beauty, Mary Cary

The basic formula to Twitter is pretty easy. If you talk to people they will talk to you. Depending on the kind of feed you have, this can become more challenging. In the adult industry a lot of feeds will be viewed as spam, especially if you are not an adult star. If you are a content provider or website, then many people will just write you off. Part of this is because there has been a precedence established that many content websites primarily use Twitter for spam.

The best way to overcome this is to actually talk to people.

  • Talk to you followers
  • Retweet their tweets
  • Respond to tweets
  • Mention people in your tweets

Talking to people and retweeting content is the best way to breath life into your Twitter feed. Usually when a feed is dead it is because of infrequent posting. Twitter is not a sprint, it is a marathon. You have to tweet daily. Beyond that you have to tweet multiple times a day.  The more active you are the more active Twitter will be with you.

Retweeting is not just a good way to spark conversation but it is a good business tool.

A great example of someone who is doing a great job with engagement is our beautiful Friday Feature Photo, Mary Carey. She has very active conversations with a lot of different people. Her twitter feed is dominated by mentions, showing that not only is she engaging with other people, but people are engaging with her too.

If you want to breath life back into your Twitter feed, start talking to people.

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