Feed Me! Moving Your RSS Feed

Feed Me RSS redirectHave you ever thought about moving your blog? For many of us as our blogs grow, we think about moving to a different URL or to a self hosted site (like using wordpress.org which allows you to use the wonderful framework and blog designs of wordpress while having your own personalized domain) if we are not already self-hosting. But if your blog has been housed at one location for a while, how do you move it without losing your feed subscribers? This is a question a lot of people don’t ask until they are faced with the issue. So if you are asking this question then you have likely moved your blog and discovered that your subscribers are no longer getting their RSS feed.

I have moved blogs before and I spent a lot of time looking into the best way to redirect the URL. I was concerned that people who knew my web address would have difficulty finding the site. Plus I did not want any outside links to unlink because I moved my blog. Eventually I chose to do a 301 redirect. What this does is when you go to the old URL it takes you to my new site automatically. Using the 301 redirect I don’t lose the SEO work I have done, page ranking I have gained in search engines and people would still be able to easily find my blog. However, that 301 did not seem to work on my RSS. Now that is strange.

The research that I did indicated that it would. However, though some feedback from subscribers I found this not to be the case. That is because I was using feedburner to manage my RSS. Apparently the 301 redirect does not affect the feedburner feed because that feed is through an outside source and you cannot redirect a feed that is not your own, though if you are not using an RSS manager the 301 will work perfectly well.

Thankfully, there was an easy fix. I grabbed the feed URL for my new domain name and replaced my old feed URL with the new one. This then solved the issue of my existing subscribers missing out on my feed. Now my new website is feeding to the new feedburner RSS and the old one. So new subscribers and existing subscribers alike will be able to read the feed.

Your domain name is an important part of your branding, but taking care of your existing audience is also important. You want to make sure if you do a domain change that you are not losing the audience you have built up!



Fluer de Lis Makes Her Mark as a Niche Blogger

Fleur de Lis SF is a blogger I met at the Ynot Summit in San Francisco. She is a sex blogger. In fact she was named San Francisco’s sluttiest blogger. She is a niche writer who decided to do a version of a 365 blog in which she documented her sexual exploits for a year. Her writing is both provocative and thought provoking. I asked her to share her thoughts about being a successful niche blogger.

“I think that sometimes I still giggle when I tell people that I am a sex writer. I still wonder what people first think when I say that. This is mainly due to the way their eyes dance when I say it. If you had asked me two years ago how I got to be a sex writer, I would have thought you were crazy. Some people know that they want to be an artist from a young age.

I was not that person. My ambitions were to be an attorney. I have a degree to Political Science, with a concentration in Pre-Law. I came to SF for law school and somehow I turned out to be a sex-writer.
The whole story is simple and crazy all at once. Last year at Pride I was invited to a sex party called Kinky Salon, and suddenly I realized that people in SF lived out loud. I had always been kinky, but I was in the closet about it. Looking back though, all of the signs were there. I loved playing rough in bed for as long as I can remember. Blindfolds, scarves, handcuffs, rope… didn’t everyone fuck like this? Sex parties were not something that was new to me. What was new was the fact that it was out in the open. I have always been a storyteller, and I still tell a good story live, but writing became my outlet. When I first started the blog there was no goal, only an idea.

I was just very happy with all of the information that I found, and all of this freedom I had never possessed. It’s amazing when you are allowed to live your life. There is a peace that comes with it. Then I started to really investigate all of the sexual sub-cultures in San Francisco. The blog evolved on its own. I lead it but I had no idea where I was going. Fetlife introduced me to people locally that did all of these sexy things. I met a woman named Lady Ripplee, who is a fem dom. Meeting Ripplee was the beginning of my fall down the rabbit hole. Until I met her, I had not seen the hole in the ground. I was walking, but I had no idea where the road was going.

Ripplee introduced me to a lot of things. She topped me for the first time and I wrote about it. Basically, I tried everything I could sexually and documented it. That was when the idea to document my life and the sexual sub-cultures in San Francisco for a year began. Things were set in motion and once I fell down the hole, I didn’t look back.

Honestly, I was amazed at all of these options. I began to realize that sex is so different to so many people. The lines of sexuality are blurred, and there is a way to embrace all of it.

I began to meet people from all sorts of walks of life, and I began to interview more people in the sex community. During this I was bestowed the title of San Francisco’s Sluttiest Blogger by the SF Bay Guardian. Suddenly I was a sexpert, and I was moving in circles I did not know existed. I have continued to be a sex writer, because I think it’s important for the world. I think that too many people still have serious issues with sex. Part of why I try as much as I can sexually is to let people know what exists for them out there.

So many of us still live in this delusion that if we like something sexually that is not “in the norm”. Being tied up, being peed on, role play, that it is kinky and weird. It is probably something they have not shared with their partners. My job is to tell you it doesn’t make you weird- it makes you human.

Sex is not black and white. Most people have some defined fetishes and things that attract them sexually, whether they admit it or not. The most shocking thing for me about all of this writing is the response I get from people. People- all sorts of people- email me. I am half sex writer, half sex therapist. What’s funny is how many people ask me for advice on their own sexual issue. I am not a therapist. I have not been trained in any of these things. But, I do understand human behavior and I have a very good read on energy. What everyone has in common is this: they just want to be understood. They want to talk to someone who won’t judge them. Someone who will listen to whatever kinky thing is going on in their mind without making it shameful.

Fleur De Lis SF was a name that was born from something I heard a long time ago. I wasn’t just a sex-writer anymore; I was a brand. I was learning how to be a writer, and learning how to get my message out to as many people as possible. The internet has been amazing, and it was the last place I ever thought my livelihood would come from. I am continuing to learn the business side of my art. I will be writing a book all about this year, and I’m hoping that it will reach a group of people that perhaps don’t live on the internet the way most of us do. Mainly, I want Fleur De Lis SF to be a brand about tolerance, freedom, and reinvention.

This project became my business, and in a certain way my legacy. It is an ongoing education, and I am thankful for all the help I have gotten along the way. The community has been essential in my staying afloat. So when people ask how I got to be a sex writer, I still don’t really know how to answer that. I think I am much more than a sex writer, and I hope that all of this helps people become more sex-positive and more self aware.  We must eradicate the shame that comes with sex.

It really does such a detrimental thing to our culture and our sex lives. The world would be a better place if we all accepted just how important sex is for a healthy life. When I have sex, it is one of the few things I do where my mind is simply at peace. Our bodies are playgrounds, if you think about it. So much of us is made to be pleasured. We are made to make our bodies make us feel good.

I mean, why do we masturbate? Because there is something about the sensation of cuming that is captivating. My head goes back, my eyes shut and roll back, my voice has a tremble of its own, my body starts to quiver, and everything just goes soft. My mind shuts off, and all I can concentrate on is what is happening to my body at that moment in time. It’s a religious experience if done correctly. Sex is a time and place that allows your body and your mind to wander for a while. I am so grateful to have spent the last year of my life being a sex writer. It was also incredibly cathartic to have a year devoted to my sex life and my sexuality. I understand my body better, I understand myself better, but, most importantly, I found out that I am not alone.

I have made amazing friends in the sex-positive community, and I bet wherever you live has one of it’s own. You just have to look. Be brave and be ready to make your life your own.”

To read more of Fleur de Lis, visit her blog. You can also follower her on Twitter at @fleurdelissf


Porn Stars Can Write?!? Duh.

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Nina Hartley

Nina Hartley is a great example of an adult star who is also a gifted writer.

Many people are surprised to find out that porn stars can write. There is a public misconception that adult starts are stupid and uneducated.  Well, this is plainly not true. There are many very smart and very talented writers in the adult industry and blogs are giving them a voice where they did not have one before.  Because some porn stars have created blogs, many others are wondering if they should begin one as well.

Blogging is one of the big things you hear people talking about as a necessary addition to any website.  I would argue this point.  There are good and bad things about blogging, but the crux of the issue comes down to the blogger.

You should have a blog if:

  • you like writing
  • you have something interesting to say
  • you have unique content
  • you are willing to make a committment

You should not have a blog if:

  • you don’t really like writing
  • you are only doing it because you think you should
  • you just don’t think you have the time

What you are trying to accomplish?

  • establish authority
  • connect with your audience
  • add value to your website
  • build your brand

As an adult site, blogging becomes a more interesting question.  There are usually one of two things that you want to develop:

  1. Personal Branding
  2. Company Information

If you want to work on your personal branding, a blog is a great way for your audience to get to know you. You can share stories and pictures from behind the scenes from movies and photo shoots. You can give sex tips, modeling tips, workout tips.  You can present your thoughts on the industry and how changes in the industry affect you as an adult star. You can also just be yourself and blog about your life. Many people in your audience want to get to know you on a more personal level. They may feel more of a connection with you if they know what is going on in your life.

If you are using a blog to put your company info forward, you can use your blog to talk about movies you are shooting or the next photo shoot. You can share behind-the-scenes and insider information, even sneak deals in for people who read the blog.  Ultimately you can use it as a way for your audience to get to know your company on a more personal level. This helps create loyalty and trust.

Either way, you are focusing on adding value. If you do not think that you can add value with a blog, don’t do it.  If you cannot be consistent, getting your blog out on a regular schedule (minimum of once a week) do not do it.  If you can’t string two words together without swearing or being incoherent, then don’t do it.  But if you can commit to your communication, and you can add some value to your website, then jump in and start writing!

How often do Porn Stars do it?

How often do you do it?  You are a porn star.  The biggest question on everyone’s mind is: how often do you do it?  Once a day? Three times a week? Once a week? Once a month?

Yes, I am talking about blogging.  How often do you post?

If you want to get traffic to your site, frequency counts!

It is pretty simple. The more often you post, the more traffic you will get.  This is a case where quantity counts more than quality. I am not saying that you can post complete crap. You need to work on your writing. Make sure it is grammatically correct and that it is spell-checked. Get someone to review and edit it. Make sure that your topic is relevant to your blog subject and that it is interesting.

Some tips for writing often:

  • Write short posts

    A post that is about 300 to 500 characters long is plenty.  It is enough room to get an idea across but you are not writing a novel.  When it comes to reading blogs we have short attention spans.  So write something short, sweet and to the point.

  • Write a long post and break it up

    Many of us can’t write short posts. When we sit down to write, we write a lot.  This can be great for increasing your frequency. Take your long post and divide it up into two or more posts. Maybe one topic can span several posts.

  • Build a blog bank

    A blog bank is a reserve of blog posts that you have ready to go live at any moment.  This is really great if you are blogging every day or even multiple times a week. Lets face it, sometimes life gets in the way and we don’t have time to write. If you have a blog bank, you can pull from that for your posting.

  • Blog ahead

    I don’t usually blog bank, I do something similar. I blog ahead.  I will write up to 10 blogs ahead and get them scheduled.  I try to continue writing to keep up my scheduled reserve, but if I fall behind I know that I have wiggle room because I already have them scheduled.

  • Guest bloggers

    If you are posting frequently it can be hard to keep up with your own posting schedule. A way to help relieve some of the responsibility is to have guest bloggers.  This is a great way to expand your readership, grow your network and give you an occasional break from writing.

25 Ways to Know if You have a Sexy Blog

lipstick kiss marks on a computer mouse25 ways to know if you have a sexy blog

  1. You blog about sex
  2. Your images need censorship bars
  3. People read your blog in private
  4. Your blog becomes my Friday night date
  5. Girls get jealous when their boyfriends read your blog
  6. Everything is tagged #NSFW
  7. Someone got fired reading your blog
  8. Your blog spices up my marriage
  9. Your blog is the other woman
  10. I get tingly thinking about your blog
  11. I have to use four letter words to describe your blog
  12. I light candles to sit down and read your blog
  13. Me, my boyfriend and your blog make a three-way
  14. My new fetish is your blog
  15. When I want my girlfriend to talk dirty to me I have her read me your blog
  16. Even my computer gets hot when I read your blog
  17. I slip into something more comfortable before reading your blog
  18. You blog makes me blush, repeatedly
  19. I don’t want to know if my mom is reading your blog!
  20. Teenage boys hide your blog under their bed
  21. I sound like Kathleen Turner after reading your blog
  22. Your blog dates a Baldwin (unless it’s Steve)
  23. Your blog is on a book cover with Fabio
  24. Chris Isaak serenades your blog
  25. Your blog has its own lingerie line