Pics from Porn-Con!


What an amazing weekend it was! Made lots of great connections and the audience for our panel presentation was “standing room only”.  I’m traveling home from Las Vegas today, exhausted but very satisfied (kinda like a really gooood night…). Watch for more updates this week.  Meanwhile, here are a few pics from the fabulous Adult Entertainment Expo!













Las Vegas, I have Landed!


Las Vegas Sign

I have arrived at the Adult Entertainment Expo! Las Vegas, I am here – and I am ready to tear up the town!

Since I did get on a plane at 6 am I’m a little beat. So I’ll freshen up, transform my travel-worn hair, face and clothes into sexy and cute, and go talk to all the wonderful stars!

I will start live tweeting soon and will post pics to the 7 Veils blog and Twitter feed.

Stay tuned!

Going to Porn-Con! AEE, here I come!


AEE Logo

On Friday I am heading off to the biggest show in adult entertainment…Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE), also affectionately known as Porn-Con. AEE is the biggest conference of the entire year for everything that concerns adult entertainment.   Everyone in the industry will be there:  meeting, connecting, selling, networking and showcasing.  So yes, I will be there too.

I will be part of a panel called Selling Through Social Networks. Moderated by Jay Kopita from this panel features brilliant and well-informed co-speakers: Eric Bernstein from, Danny Dover from, Peter Housely from Naughty Tweet, and Matt Pierce from Pink Visual.  I am looking forward to being with such an exciting group of industry leaders.  Make sure you come and see us!

Besides schmoozing with all the wonderful stars and speaking on the social media panel, I’ll be at the AVN Award Show. This is the biggest award night in the industry, and I can’t wait to see all the beautiful stars walking the red carpet.

I will be live tweeting and posting pics throughout the weekend.  I will even try to get some video to share with you when I get back…maybe even some fun and sexy stuff from the show.  So follow me on Twitter to get the live tweets, @7_veils or check in on the blog to see what I post.

5 Ways to Prepare for 2011

Sexy Business Woman

What are you plans for 2011?

The New Year is here! Many of us are still wrapping up last year, starting to think about the this year and planning how we are going to make it bigger, better and bolder.

Don’t forget that traditional business strategies are relevant for non-traditional businesses.  If you are in porn, a producer, a director, a star, a dancer, a phone girl, a model or a webmaster, remember that you are building your business, brand and image – you have to look forward and make plans for growth and development.

Be smart and sexy!

Get Ready for 2011

Business Development Plan: Create a plan that outlines the growth you want to see. Is it expanding your network? Adding to your client list? Creating a marketing strategy? Take a look at where you are, then envision where you want to be a year from now. How can you get from point A to point B? Time to start writing down your game plan.

  • Your Progress: One of the best ways to review and renew a business plan is to take a look at how far you have come. Did you meet your goals this year? Do you need to change your focus? Where were you a year ago and where are you now? Take a moment to appreciate how much you accomplished.
  • Define your Brand Focus: It doesn’t matter if you are an individual or a business, if you are IN business you have a brand. Take a look at how that brand has developed in the past year.  Check to see if you are properly promoting it and establishing a true brand image.
  • Finish up: When we get ready to move forward it is really easy to leave things undone. Make sure that you finish what you started. Get your end-of-year taken care of: paperwork, taxes, projects. Take this opportunity to prepare for 2011 by making sure that you wrap up 2010 and tie the loose ends.
  • Give yourself a break: You have worked hard this past year, and quite possibly even harder during the holidays.  Give yourself permission to take a break. If you want to kick ass in 2011, you can’t be burnt out from 2010.

10 Things I Learned from Zombie Strippers

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Zombie Strippers Zombie Strippers is not what I would call a quality movie. OK, it is actually pretty craptastic. However, I was surprised to discover that there are a few tips you can apply to your social media. And really, who doesn’t love Jenna Jameson!

10 Things I learned from Zombie Strippers:

  1. Just because you are dead it does not mean you are done… Constantly look for new ways to evolve.  You are never done, you are just changed.
  2. Being dead just gives you new skills Sometimes you have to rebrand and refocus your business plan.  When you do that you will develop new skills that will serve you better.
  3. Sometimes being bad is better than being good… If you cannot be great, then be fabulously bad. Sometimes it is better to be really good at being bad then being good at being marginal. Find your niche, even if it is not where you thought you would excel.
  4. It is like watching a train wreck, you can’t turn away… Sometimes when something is really awful we cannot look away.  Be captivating. be edgy. Make your content something that people cannot tear their eyes from.
  5. Zombies read… This was a cinematic first, a zombie was reading. It was not exciting, but it happened and I noticed.  You don’t have to always be breaking rules and taboos to get attention. Sometimes a subtle surprise works better.
  6. You don’t always have to be original.. Sometimes you can just create a new twist on what someone else has already done : Zombies, done. Strippers, done. Zombie Stripper, first!
  7. Zombie strippers make more money… Essentially they are more hardcore. This is all about commitment. Don’t half ass it. If you are going to do it then really do it.
  8. When she says she is going to eat you… Make sure that if you use metaphors your audience understands what you really mean.
  9. Zombies don’t talk in metaphors, eating you alive is literal… Sometimes innuendo gets to be too much. Say what you need to say, then you will not lose followers due to misunderstanding.
  10. Robert England is still in movies… Just because you have fallen out of the public eye does not mean that you are gone for good. You can always come back!

Paid to Tweet: Did you just sell out?

Twitter bird holding a dollar bill in his beak

Is being paid to Tweet a great way to earn some extra money doing what you already do or are you selling out and compromising your Twitter integrity?

Everyone wants to know how to make money online and with their social media accounts. You are using them anyway, why not get paid for it?  Well, there is such a thing as getting paid to tweet; sponsored tweets are probably the easiest way to get paid for tweeting. But what does it do to your credibility? Does getting paid to tweet an ad affect your authority, or public opinion? Did you just sell out?

There are many services out there where you can sign up to become a sponsored tweeter.  What happens is: you sign up, they analyze your Twitter account for reach and influence, and then they create a pay range based on these criteria. The range is anywhere from $0.50 to $10,000 per tweet.

However, only people like Kim Kardashian are getting paid $10,000 for a tweet.

Paid to tweet or paid for a tweet

Wondering what the difference is between being paid to tweet and paid for a tweet? I don’t blame you.  Plenty of people are paid to tweet. What this means is they work for someone like an individual client or a business and they are paid to take care of their Twitter account, including making posts.  They are acting as a representative of the person, company or brand. This also means they can promote their own products without it being considered an ad.

A person who is paid for a tweet means that their tweet is an advertisement.  It is not something they would normally post, it’s like a commercial in the midst of their Twitter stream. It is something they are getting paid to tweet, but not paid a commission or bonus for sales.

I’m in Porn

Excellent!  Don’t worry, you are not excluded.  Porn stars can get paid to tweet! You can become a sponsored tweeter or an advertiser.  Twitter continues to be a place in social media where porn is not totally back-listed, even with sponsored tweets.

Rules of Engagement

Yup, there definitely are.  If you are a sponsored tweeter you have to make it known that your tweet is an ad.  Oftentimes, the hashtag #ad is used.  If you use a service that pays you to tweet, like or, they will give you parameters for your tweets: the appropriateness of your phrasing, not slandering the client, not using swear words and making it clear that the tweet is an ad.

Ultimately even if you don’t use a service, you have to mark a paid tweet as an ad. The FCC is regulating this and they will fine you.

I want to make the big bucks

If you want to make the big money with sponsored tweets, like Kim Kardashian, then you basically need to be famous. Oh are famous!  Well then, you will want to go to either or – these work with celebrity clients and will be able to help you command a high price.

Your Reputation

From an advertiser: As an advertiser it is in my interest to pay someone with good reach and influence to tweet my ads.  I will reach an audience I don’t normally reach and generate leads I would not otherwise be able to create. The better your reputation, the more I want you to tweet for me.

From a Tweeter: This is a great way to make some extra money. Most of your tweets are your own but then maybe 1 out of 50 you are paid for.

From a Follower: Most of the time I don’t mind seeing the very occasional ad.  But I do wonder, when I see one, if your Twitter is about making money or about engaging.  I question the integrity of your feed.  Do I understand it? Yes. But I also know about sponsored tweets. What about the people who don’t?  Did you just sell out?

Did I just sell out?

Since the ability to make money with sponsored tweets is based on your influence and your reach, if you are a popular and engaged Tweeter then you will be able to command a higher price.  However, if you are exceptionally engaged, you might be compromising your authenticity and integrity. It may seem a bit extreme to say that if 1 out of 50 tweets is an ad you have automatically compromised your integrity, but remember, it may be an issue for your followers.

The conclusion

Once you get your first payday your 1 in 50 tweets might become 1 in 20, then 1 in 10. So be careful; making money is addictive and getting paid to tweet is simple.   Before you know it you may have compromised your entire account, lose followers, lose influence and now your Twitter isn’t good for anything. You are just another spammer.

So keep your end goal in mind;  your Twitter is ultimately about you and putting forward your message. You could be ok inserting the occasional ad.

As a follower I prefer that my tweeps don’t ad.  It bugs me.

As a Tweeter, I decided not to ad because it bugs me as a follower. However, I understand why people do it.

As an advertiser, I think it is a good opportunity to expand my reach.

Do you think you will become a sponsored tweeter?

**Side note, 7 Veils was not paid to mention any link in this post. We do not blog for money.  There are many pay-for-tweet companies out there, we just listed a couple of reputable ones.

Cyber Monday: Top 7 Ways to Make Money and Build your Network


womans legs and the bottome of her skirt, next to her holding a shopping bagCyber Monday is a notoriously big online shopping day. Why does that have to exclude adult shopping?  If you have a site and you sell something, then you should be taking advantage of the buzz about Cyber Monday. Adult sites can use this opportunity as a great tool for driving sales, making money and building your network.

From a business perspective this is an excellent way to work on your social media efficacy.

  1. Promote your promotions!

    Tell people that you are going to offer special deals just for Twitter and Facebook. Build the buzz around what you are going to do. Make it sexy and tell your fans and followers that you are going to do something special just for them, so they better stay tuned.

  2. Use your upcoming deals as a way to grow your network.

    Tell people to spread the word. Use growth benchmarks to give special secret deals, like “When I hit 500 fans I will give away a ….”. If you post videos then tell them that you will do something special on the video or post an exclusive photo.

  3. Exclusive Deals

    On Monday, offer deals that are only available on Facebook and Twitter. Give them access to special content or make a video that is only available if they use a promo code.

  4. Post deals constantly throughout the day.

    This will encourage people to stay tuned to your updates. You can even schedule these tweets so they keep coming on a regular basis and you can focus on engaging with your new and massively growing network!

  5. Set up an auto-DM

    Create a one-day direct message that sends a promo code, or a link to special content to new followers….and promote the fact that you are doing this.

  6. Re-Tweet Promotions

    Tell your followers that you will do a special giveaway to people who retweet your offers.

  7. Promote You

    Tell people that you are going to be online talking and tweeting with everyone.  Make access to you part of the deal. Create times of the day where people can ask you questions, or where you will do a live feed. Tell them that you will offer special content or deals for the people you talk to.  Promote yourself as a way to promote yourself!

Social Media Best Practices (and some other good ones, too)

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Poster with a womans cleavage and a padlock holding her shirt closed and the caption says NSFW modeThe ASACP just released their Social Media Best Practices to help guide those of us in adult entertainment to make sure that children are not accessing unsuitable material. It is not just children we are protecting.  If someone accesses inappropriate material at work, they could get fired.

A friend of mine once bought a DVD boxed set of B movies from the 60’s and 70’s.  During holiday celebrations, he popped in the first disc to sit down and watch one with his entire family. His parents, brother and sister-in-law, nieces, nephews and daughter were all there.  When the movie came on, he realized that this was an old porn.  Whoops.

Social media is trying to help insure that you know what you are about to see, so you can make sure that you are in the right place at the right time, and not “accidentally” stumbling across anything inappropriate.

Listen to Joan Irvine talk about Social Media Best Practices in her blog radio interview on Sin 2.0.

Social Media Best Practices

  • Label all sexually explicit ‘social media content postings’, including but not limited to: text, video, audio, images or widgets enabling any software functionality.
  • All social media content postings should indicate “Age-Restricted” or “Sexually Explicit” based on the content.
  • When you direct people to age-restricted content or commerce on or from online social networks & mobile devices, ensure that all of your social media and mobile pages from blogs, ads and e-commerce tools to videos, fan pages, apps and widgets are labeled with the Restricted to Adults – RTA website label (

Additional Good Practices

  • label your tweets or posts with #nsfw (not safe for work)
  • Make sure that you have a landing page that is not explicit, that lets people know they are about to enter an explicit website.
  • Set an age limit of 18+ on your Facebook fan page
  • If you have a Facebook profile, create a group for your explicit postings and restrict all explicit talk and postings to the group. Make sure to make your group private.

Let us know if you have any other good practices to add to the list!

RTA – Get it? Got it? Good!


RTA label

Recently the ASACP released their “Social Media Best Practices“. It is extremely important to keep children away from age inappropriate websites. The ASACP makes that much easier with the RTA Label.  The RTA label is a free label that identifies a site as being unsuitable for children. Not only does it identify your site, but it shows that you have done due diligence to protect children and it will help your SEO (search engine optimization) ranking.

How RTA works:

RTA means “Restricted to Adults”.  When you put the RTA label on your site you are embedding code in the header of every page that tells child protection monitoring systems that this site has adult content and it will allow the site to be automatically filtered. By alerting the plugin, your browser will not let a child go to that site.  Most browsers have safe surfing options built into their security options. There are also tool bars, plugins and widgets you can use for further security.

Why use RTA?

RTA is important to help prevent children from accessing adult sites.

RTA is also beneficial from an SEO perspective. When you use the label, you have to verify that you have properly installed it on your site.  The ASACP spiders your site to make sure that every page has the label, to prevent any accidental entry by a child.  The site is then checked to make sure that there is no content or text that would indicate child pornography or exploitation.  Once the site has been verified it will be approved.

The RTA is approval is excellent for SEO.  Getting good SEO ranking in search engines is notoriously difficult. However the ASACP has been working with the search engines to garner better search results for sites that use RTA.

Adult Entertainment supports RTA

In the adult entertainment industry we have a responsibility to make sure that our children are not exposed to inappropriate material. Adult entertainment is meant for adults over 18.  These types of images, content, videos, audio and chat rooms need to be restricted.  Parents have a responsibility to make sure that their children are surfing the net safely. But the industry also has a responsibility to make sure that we are putting up the proper safety precautions as well.

RTA is primarily funded by the adult entertainment industry.