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Word of mouth marketing has always been the best marketing because it is marketing you can’t buy. It is the recommendation of a friend. It is the suggestion of a colleague.  It is the preferred choice of a family member. The reason “word of mouth” marketing is so effective is because it is authentic. Social media is the new word of mouth.

Social media has the ability to reach more than just the people in your inner circle. It has the ability to reach every person in every persons inner circle. It goes beyond your friends, beyond your town. Social media is truly global.

7 Veils focuses on engagement marketing. What does engagement marketing do?

  • Build brand recognition
  • Establish authority
  • Become a valued community member
  • Develop quality relationships with your followers

Engagement marketing builds a quality based social strategy rather than a quantity based social strategy. It is better to have 100 people who take action than 1000 who do nothing.


Why build an engagement marketing campaign?

  • Create lifetime customers vs. one time customers
  • Turn your fans into brand advocates
  • Generate quality traffic with lower bounce rates and higher page views

Engagement marketing paired with integrative technology and and understanding of analytical trending creates a social media powerhouse!

Engagement is keystone to any successful social marketing campaign, however, analytics is key to understanding ROI (return on investment).  To develop a successful social marketing campaign you have to understand:

  • Growth trends
  • Amplification (number of impressions, or reach, of your post/tweet)
  • Converse relationship between tweets and engagement
  • Traffic patterns

7 Veils Media builds you a strategy that is a combination between engagement and technology. Through continual statistical analysis of your social marketing campaign, we create social media strategy that bust through the ceiling of diminishing returns. They are responsive to your growth patterns and predictive of overall social media trends. We ensure that the engagement marketing and analytics work cohesively to create an unbeatable social media presence. 

Contact us to discuss your social media strategy.

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