YNOT Business Woman of the Year Nominee

Our CEO, Lauren MacEwen, has been nominated as the YNOT Business Woman of the Year 2013! We are so proud and excited to be nominated for the award and to be included with such an amazing group of women.

Lauren MacEwen YNOT Business Woman of the Year Nominee

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Word of mouth marketing has always been the best marketing because it is marketing you can’t buy. It is the recommendation of a friend. It is the suggestion of a colleague.  It is the preferred choice of a family member. The reason “word of mouth” marketing is so effective is because it is authentic. Social media is the new word of mouth.

Social media has the ability to reach more than just the people in your inner circle. It has the ability to reach every person in every persons inner circle. It goes beyond your friends, beyond your town. Social media is truly global.

7 Veils focuses on engagement marketing. What does engagement marketing do?

  • Build brand recognition
  • Establish authority
  • Become a valued community member
  • Develop quality relationships with your followers

Engagement marketing builds a quality based social strategy rather than a quantity based social strategy. It is better to have 100 people who take action than 1000 who do nothing.


Why build an engagement marketing campaign?

  • Create lifetime customers vs. one time customers
  • Turn your fans into brand advocates
  • Generate quality traffic with lower bounce rates and higher page views

Engagement marketing paired with integrative technology and and understanding of analytical trending creates a social media powerhouse!

Engagement is keystone to any successful social marketing campaign, however, analytics is key to understanding ROI (return on investment).  To develop a successful social marketing campaign you have to understand:

  • Growth trends
  • Amplification (number of impressions, or reach, of your post/tweet)
  • Converse relationship between tweets and engagement
  • Traffic patterns

7 Veils Media builds you a strategy that is a combination between engagement and technology. Through continual statistical analysis of your social marketing campaign, we create social media strategy that bust through the ceiling of diminishing returns. They are responsive to your growth patterns and predictive of overall social media trends. We ensure that the engagement marketing and analytics work cohesively to create an unbeatable social media presence. 

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Main Stream Media vs. Adult Entertainment

Most of the information on social media marketing is produced for main stream media, however we are not in main stream media. Adult entertainment has different requirements and allowances. Much of the advice and tips for Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Youtube do not account for PG13 material, much less XXX material. Much of the traditional marketing advice will get you banned, blocked and hidden.

7 Veils Media designs marketing strategy specifically for the adult entertainment industry to ensure maximum exposure!

Adult social media has different needs than mainstream. The social networks place restrictions on adult companies, which limits (or prevents) them from being able to use the network effectively.

The requirements of the social networks, and what is permissible, can change almost weekly and without formal notice.

7 Veils Media keeps up with the every changing developments of the social networks and their evolving relationships with adult entertainment. We maintain our clients social accounts within the boundaries of the networks, and keep them up to date with changes that may affect them. We also strive to find new and creative ways to push the boundaries of the social networks to get the best possible results and stay ahead of the curve.

As social media strategists, we are not just looking to execute your social marketing, we are looking for ways to keep you on top and position you as industry leaders. We do this by integrating new technology as soon as it available, often in the beta stages. When Vine came out, some of our clients were using it the very first day. When Snapverse launched, we had clients using it in beta.

7 Veils Media understands the unique needs of adult entertainment in the social-verse. We are responsive to the trends and changes with the social media networks and strive to keep you on the forefront of the social-technology curve.