How do I promote you You YOU?

Be unique! Be original! Do that and you will sky rocket to success!

Like so many conference that was a theme in Blogworld after the first day. What a lot of people were wondering but not necessarily vocalizing was how can I do that for a client?

One problem with seminars and industry conferences is that a lot of it help you launch yourself into so called stardom. But what about the people who aren’t peddling their own brand or product. What about the consultants and the community managers? What is the new role for community managers.

The opening keynote touted the benefits of Google Plus. Claiming that the people are there, that people are finding huge value and it is the next frontier. Well, maybe but I am not totally sold. If you are a community manager you still cannot offer it as a brand option for your clients. You still cannot use Google Plus as a business. Not to mention that the audience is mainly tech forward early adaptors. And of course you cannot use it if you are an adult star. But is that your audience?  As a community manager, I have to go to where my clients audience is spending their social media time. And they are not on Google Plus. The pornsters are on twitter, and reluctantly on Facebook.

Sometimes I question if so many of our social media superheros are primarily teachers but not necessarily on the ground floor doing the work. We always address what you can do to boost your brand, but what about the conversation that discusses what you can do to boost your clients brand.

If we are not supposed to sell or market, and our clients are not devoted (or product able) to give away content, then how do you drive the numbers?

They say that a marketer touts the value of your brand but the CEO wants to see the ROI, as a manager how do you capture and harness that value?