Customer Service Goes Viral

Everyone wants to know how to get more clicks from their Facebook and Twiiter. How to get more followers. How to get more fans. How to get more more more! But many people are missing one of the biggest values of social marketing and that is the ability to get more personal.

If you go back to the small town store, the local banker or postman, the corner store, what made them so special was that they knew you. They cared about you. You could go to your banker and talk to him about your financial troubles and he actually wanted to help you find a solution. If something you bought wasn’t working right, you could go to the store you bought it from and they cared about your satisfaction. They cared to not only fix the problem but fix the relationship.

Justin Timberlake brought sexy back and social media is bringing personal business back.

Customer services is the hardest to quantify element of ROI in social marketing. Everyone knows it is valuable but what value does it truly have. Well, to be blunt, HUGE! If a tweet that reaches 100 people is worth $0.10 and a tweet that reaches 1000 is worth $1.00 then what about a tweet that reaches 10,000? or 100,000? Hip Hop star 50 Cent has 5 million followers and one tweet from him would cost you $11,000. But what is the value of that tweet? Is it the click? Is it the reputation? Is it the virality? It is all of it!

If you help one person through social media, they will not question if you are a real person behind the account. They will feel like your twitter or fan page is actually listening to them. If you reach out to them, they will feel heard and therefore appreciated.

Social media gives you the opportunity to really reach out to your customers. On Twitter you can scan for your company or product and when you see a customer service issue, you can reach out.

Why this benefits?

Now not only does the customer feel heard. But they did not have to the be the one to make the first move. You are so invested in them that you are listening for problem and listening for ways you can help.

Viral Customer Service

When you get an issues resolved through a channel like Twitter you increase the chance of engaging your viral marketing.

1. I have an issue and tweet about it.

2. The care team sees my tweet and helps resolve the issue

3. One of my followers sees my tweet and reports the same issue.

4. The care team is able to resolve both of our issues, and introduce themselves to yet another customer online who was otherwise being silent about the issue

5. I tweet positively about my experience with the company

6. The other person also tweets positively

You have now reached thousands of people with a a positive message about your company from the mouths of your customer.


That personal relationships have no dollar figure. You are saving money by resolving the issue quickly and with little man power. You are increasing your loyalty, reputation and customer satisfaction. You are increase your brand value by showing that you are a company that takes care of its clients.

Social media is the next level in customer satisfaction.


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