The New Facebook “Timeline” Profile

Pretty soon you will notice that Facebook has a new profile. It is called the “Timeline” profile. Essentially it is showcasing your photos, comments, posts and updates from your entire time on Facebook. You can browse back to your very first days on Facebook. Though I am still concerned that it is too “me” centric, I have to admit that the layout is beautiful and that it prompted me to take a walk down memory lane.

1. The Cover

This is a giant picture at the top of your profile. It can be anything you want as kind of sets the theme to your profile. In essence this photo is supposed to be a personal expression of you. This is the first thing people see when they come to your “timeline”.


Underneath your cover is your “views” this was previously your info section, or a hybrid thereof. This is where you’ll find your info, photos, likes, apps and other stuff all on one header bar.

3. Activity Log

This is a section that is only available to you. This is where you can edit the privacy settings on your posts and pictures, even ones previously posted. This will let you see all your activity on Facebook since the dawn of time.

4. Stories

This are shows your top stories. Your photos, updates, posts and shares from all time that are considered top news. You can view top stories from any period of time by clicking a time period on the timeline at the top right of your profile.

5. Star or Hide

You can star or hide any post at any time. If you click the star on a story it will expand it to full screen. If you click the pencil, you have the ability to hide or delete it off your profile.

6. Life Events Menu

Above the area for status updates is your life events menu. This is where you can add or edit you significant life events. You can even set up when they happened so they are properly archived in your timeline. For instance, never put in your marriage? Well, now you can add it in and add the date that you were married.

7. Info

Your info area is now much more extensive as far as your familial connections. You can add your entire family tree from aunts, uncles and cousins to in-laws!

New Facebook Timeline Profile

Facebook Removing a Feature You Never Knew About


Facebook TattooThe use of Facebook in adult entertainment is always a big question. But many people persist in using Facebook for branding purposes. So for those of you us who persist, there are some updates happening that might affect the way you use your fan page.

Facebook is removing yet another feature from Fan Pages. As of Sept 30th, you will no longer have the ability to update your fans via email. I am sure many of you didn’t even know that you could update your fans via email, well if you are just learning about this now you have about 2 more days before it is being removed.

So why is it being removed? For the exact reason why you are wondering why you have never received a page update. Well, it is likely that you have and did not know it. When Facebook updated their email service, they created their version of a spam box. It is a file on your email called “Other” this is where Facebook puts any email that it thinks is likely spam or unwanted. Of course this means any email from a fan page. They only way around emails not being filtered into this other box was to go into your email, open up a message and then move it to your “messages” box. Of course non of us ever did that. In fact, most of us never even go into the other box.

Since all fan page emails get shoved into other as soon as it is sent, Facebook has decided to remove the option entirely. Often times when a big update goes through, like Facebook email, certain things don’t function the way they were anticipated. Though Facebook wants people to use their network as a primary email address, most people are not. Very few people look at Facebook as a way to communicate with people not on the social network, and they definitely do not view it as a replacement for their primary email address. So the spam filter is under utilized and generally ignored.

No One Cares How Many Twitter Followers You Have


Twitter follower treeI see people posting all the time about how many followers they have.  They usually say something like “20 more followers and I will post a naked pic!” or “I am almost at 1000 followers, help me get the last 10!”. From a social media management point of view, the number of followers you have matters. You want to keep track of that. From a social media follower point of view, no one cares.

If you follow someone, you don’t care how many followers they have. You don’t care about getting them to the next thousand. The only reason people will encourage more people to follow you is because they want what you are promising. They want to see the sexy picture or video that you will post.

Though promising something your fans want is a good way to reach your goal, it is not a good social marketing strategy. You are not building relationships. You are not building quality. You are barely building interest.

Instead of going out and asking people to follow you, try going out and following other people. Follow some of the basic rules of engagement…start engaging. Go talk to people. If you start joining some conversations and start following people, they will follow you back. You will make your next milestone and you will be building your relationships. In the end you get it all!

So don’t be a soap box preacher. Don’t just ask from your followers and think that your big contribution is showing them more of you. Remember, social media is about being social.

Track your Twitter Tracks: New Analytics Tool for Twitter

Sexy Twitter Bird Woman

Can you track your Twitter tracks?

The biggest questions people who are doing business on Twitter have is how much traffic are they getting from Twitter and what is the ROI? When it comes to marketing, tracking your ROI is always a challenge, unless you are following a simple chain like link – click- sale. But lets face it, most sales are not that simple, because most of us don’t just buy something the first time we see it. We all like to browse and look around, read reviews, and get to know the product or brand. So if you can’t always track link – click – sale then the next step of tracking ROI is tracking the amount of traffic you are pushing to your site.

The great thing about Twitter traffic is that it is qualified. This means that the traffic coming from your Twitter clicks are people who are interested in what you have to offer. They are clicking because they are interested and therefore far more likely to buy what you are selling. Great! So how much Twitter traffic are you generating?

That is an excellent question and until this week, that was not a question easily answered.

Twitter is coming out with their own web analytics. This will let you track your Twitter traffic, see how well your website Twitter integration is working, and see how your website links are being spread across Twitter. The new tool will help give you a much clearer picture of your true Twitter traffic and how well your marketing efforts are working.

Currently the tool is only available to a select few, but it is expected to start rolling out to the rest of us over the next few weeks.

Will this replace tools like and google analytics? Not likely. But it will be another tool in the analytics arsenal that will help you get the most from your social marketing.

G-Male: Poking Fun at Google


Google has been stalking all of us online for years. They can now anticipate our every need from maps to keywords, to targeted ads. They even have a social network for those of us tired of Facebook.  But as they poke their nose into every level of our online activity, you have to add a little humor in every once in a while.

I give you G-Male:



Dot XXX is Here!

“Lets be adult about it”, the slogan behind dot XXX, is going to be a phrase coming into more peoples awareness. The long awaited dot XXX is here. The ICM registry has opened up the sunrise period for trademark owners. So if you have a trademark on your dot com or your company name, you can buy your dot XXX now. If you don’t qualify for the the sunrise period you can sill reserve your domain before the formal registration opens up. Of course their will be an early registration fee.

The sunrise period is will run for 52 days, until October 28th.  There will be two phases. Sunrise A is for adult entertainment and Sunrise B is for those outside the industry.

After the sunrise period, there will be an 18 day landrush and then general registration will open up on December 2nd.

Don’t tell me you unfollowed me – Twitter Etiquette

I am sure you have seen it, those posts that tweet out that mention you and they say “So and so unfollowed me”. How often do they make you say, OMG I better go follow that person back? How many times does it actually make you feel bad? Most likely you get annoyed, and then wonder who the person was to begin with.

Most of my Twitter accounts are set to auto-unfollow after a period of time, the people who aren’t following me.  Of course I have people who don’t follow me back that I don’t unfollow just because they don’t follow men.  But if you are actively networking, you need to be careful to keep a close following/follower ratio so that way you can continue to grow past the 2000 following mark. In case you are wondering what that is, if you follow 2000 people and don’t have many people following you, you will not be able to follow any more people. To grow past 2000 you have to have your ratio at about 1:1.2  …basically you need to have your followers and following pretty close together.

So when I see a tweet that says I just unfollowed someone, my first instinct is to tweet them and say I only unfollow those people who aren’t following me back. But that is just petty and without real purpose, so I ignore it and move on.  Now if you are wondering why the are doing it to begin with, there are apps that will automatically tweet out when someone unfollows you. The idea behind the app is that if you call them out publicly they will be guilted into following you back. But realistically, this will not happen and will likely secure the opposite.

So if someone has unfollowed you and you are really bothered, check to see if you are following them and send them a personal message. It is possible it was a mistake. But don’t bug people with the unfollow apps.

Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day!