Camming on Facebook?

Friday Feature Photo: Liz Taylor on her Limited Edition Adult Trading Card

Friday Feature Photo: Liz Taylor on her Limited Edition Adult Trading Card

Facebook, the number 1 social network, and Skype, the number 1 VOIP, have gotten in bed together. Mark Zuckerberg announced that Skype was being integrated with Facebook to provide video chat to their users.

Some of my first thoughts were how could this be monetized? Could this be another way for web cam girls to cam with people? Will this open up a whole new market for Facebook cam girls?  Yeah, it might.

The problem will be actually monetizing it. The girls will have to bill their customers separate from the application and will not able to integrate any billing function into the application. However, this will allow you to access more of the Facebook network through a personal profile. The other benefit is that you don’t have to have a Skype account in order to use the application, so for those worried about privacy and registering for skype, it solves that issue.

Though I am sure Zuckerberg did not think about this as a possible usage for the application, I am sure we will see girls using it.

It is easy to use. On profiles you now have a “Call” button at the top of your profile. When you open up a chat window, you will see a video button at the top of the chat window.

When you go to make a call for the first time you will have to download a small plugin. Once the plugin is installed the call will be placed and a window will pop up on your friends screen asking them if they want to accept the call.

The built in privacy features are also good.  Facebook users will not have to set up a Skype account to use the feature. The user API is anonymous, so you will be able to use it independent of a Skype account.

Another cool feature is that the system detects what your browser and operating system is before giving you the plugin. So Facebook was able to ensure that the new app is running smoothly for your system.

Phillip Su, Facebook Engineer, published notes on how the team built the app into the Facebook mainframe to ensure ease of use and privacy.

If you want to get started with video chat on Facebook, you can go here to download the plugin.

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Fluer de Lis Makes Her Mark as a Niche Blogger

Fleur de Lis SF is a blogger I met at the Ynot Summit in San Francisco. She is a sex blogger. In fact she was named San Francisco’s sluttiest blogger. She is a niche writer who decided to do a version of a 365 blog in which she documented her sexual exploits for a year. Her writing is both provocative and thought provoking. I asked her to share her thoughts about being a successful niche blogger.

“I think that sometimes I still giggle when I tell people that I am a sex writer. I still wonder what people first think when I say that. This is mainly due to the way their eyes dance when I say it. If you had asked me two years ago how I got to be a sex writer, I would have thought you were crazy. Some people know that they want to be an artist from a young age.

I was not that person. My ambitions were to be an attorney. I have a degree to Political Science, with a concentration in Pre-Law. I came to SF for law school and somehow I turned out to be a sex-writer.
The whole story is simple and crazy all at once. Last year at Pride I was invited to a sex party called Kinky Salon, and suddenly I realized that people in SF lived out loud. I had always been kinky, but I was in the closet about it. Looking back though, all of the signs were there. I loved playing rough in bed for as long as I can remember. Blindfolds, scarves, handcuffs, rope… didn’t everyone fuck like this? Sex parties were not something that was new to me. What was new was the fact that it was out in the open. I have always been a storyteller, and I still tell a good story live, but writing became my outlet. When I first started the blog there was no goal, only an idea.

I was just very happy with all of the information that I found, and all of this freedom I had never possessed. It’s amazing when you are allowed to live your life. There is a peace that comes with it. Then I started to really investigate all of the sexual sub-cultures in San Francisco. The blog evolved on its own. I lead it but I had no idea where I was going. Fetlife introduced me to people locally that did all of these sexy things. I met a woman named Lady Ripplee, who is a fem dom. Meeting Ripplee was the beginning of my fall down the rabbit hole. Until I met her, I had not seen the hole in the ground. I was walking, but I had no idea where the road was going.

Ripplee introduced me to a lot of things. She topped me for the first time and I wrote about it. Basically, I tried everything I could sexually and documented it. That was when the idea to document my life and the sexual sub-cultures in San Francisco for a year began. Things were set in motion and once I fell down the hole, I didn’t look back.

Honestly, I was amazed at all of these options. I began to realize that sex is so different to so many people. The lines of sexuality are blurred, and there is a way to embrace all of it.

I began to meet people from all sorts of walks of life, and I began to interview more people in the sex community. During this I was bestowed the title of San Francisco’s Sluttiest Blogger by the SF Bay Guardian. Suddenly I was a sexpert, and I was moving in circles I did not know existed. I have continued to be a sex writer, because I think it’s important for the world. I think that too many people still have serious issues with sex. Part of why I try as much as I can sexually is to let people know what exists for them out there.

So many of us still live in this delusion that if we like something sexually that is not “in the norm”. Being tied up, being peed on, role play, that it is kinky and weird. It is probably something they have not shared with their partners. My job is to tell you it doesn’t make you weird- it makes you human.

Sex is not black and white. Most people have some defined fetishes and things that attract them sexually, whether they admit it or not. The most shocking thing for me about all of this writing is the response I get from people. People- all sorts of people- email me. I am half sex writer, half sex therapist. What’s funny is how many people ask me for advice on their own sexual issue. I am not a therapist. I have not been trained in any of these things. But, I do understand human behavior and I have a very good read on energy. What everyone has in common is this: they just want to be understood. They want to talk to someone who won’t judge them. Someone who will listen to whatever kinky thing is going on in their mind without making it shameful.

Fleur De Lis SF was a name that was born from something I heard a long time ago. I wasn’t just a sex-writer anymore; I was a brand. I was learning how to be a writer, and learning how to get my message out to as many people as possible. The internet has been amazing, and it was the last place I ever thought my livelihood would come from. I am continuing to learn the business side of my art. I will be writing a book all about this year, and I’m hoping that it will reach a group of people that perhaps don’t live on the internet the way most of us do. Mainly, I want Fleur De Lis SF to be a brand about tolerance, freedom, and reinvention.

This project became my business, and in a certain way my legacy. It is an ongoing education, and I am thankful for all the help I have gotten along the way. The community has been essential in my staying afloat. So when people ask how I got to be a sex writer, I still don’t really know how to answer that. I think I am much more than a sex writer, and I hope that all of this helps people become more sex-positive and more self aware.  We must eradicate the shame that comes with sex.

It really does such a detrimental thing to our culture and our sex lives. The world would be a better place if we all accepted just how important sex is for a healthy life. When I have sex, it is one of the few things I do where my mind is simply at peace. Our bodies are playgrounds, if you think about it. So much of us is made to be pleasured. We are made to make our bodies make us feel good.

I mean, why do we masturbate? Because there is something about the sensation of cuming that is captivating. My head goes back, my eyes shut and roll back, my voice has a tremble of its own, my body starts to quiver, and everything just goes soft. My mind shuts off, and all I can concentrate on is what is happening to my body at that moment in time. It’s a religious experience if done correctly. Sex is a time and place that allows your body and your mind to wander for a while. I am so grateful to have spent the last year of my life being a sex writer. It was also incredibly cathartic to have a year devoted to my sex life and my sexuality. I understand my body better, I understand myself better, but, most importantly, I found out that I am not alone.

I have made amazing friends in the sex-positive community, and I bet wherever you live has one of it’s own. You just have to look. Be brave and be ready to make your life your own.”

To read more of Fleur de Lis, visit her blog. You can also follower her on Twitter at @fleurdelissf


Porn on LinkedIn? The Social Network You are NOT Using


Naked LinkedIn

Porn has a place on LinkedIn

Porn on Twitter? No problem.


Porn on Facebook? Yeah, its there. But a little more tricky.

Porn on LinkedIn? You bet! But not in the way you are thinking.

LinkedIn is currently the fastest growing social network. It surpassed Twitter in May after the company went public. But LinkedIn is often associated with people searching for jobs. That is not all it is good for. LinkedIn is the social network for business people. It lets you put up your resume and then connect with a wide variety of people, from colleagues to people you want to possible do business with.

The groups are a very powerful function. They are generally topic related. When you join you have to opportunity to post information or comment on posts about the subject topic. It is also a great way to begin networking with people you are interested in connecting with. For instance, there is an adult social media group for people to share and discuss issues in adult entertainment and social media.

But what about porn on LinkedIn? Because this is a business site this is not a place for content distribution. However, that does not mean that it has no value or place in adult entertainment. If you are in adult entertainment then that means you are in business. There are a lot of people in adult who are on LinkedIn, from entertainers to webmasters, photographers, studios, etc. Because this is not a place for posting content it opens up the potential to have a business related discussion or networking opportunity.

Through the groups you can reach out and get advice from other industry professionals, but you can also do some great networking for your business or brand. Interested in talking to a studio? You will be more likely to get a person who is open to networking if you contact them through LinkedIn.

Essentially the removal of the blatant sales promotional element allows you to focus on your blatant personal promotion. But the site is designed for that purpose, to promote you and your qualifications. So if you are in the adult industry and you are not yet on LinkedIn, it is time for your to embrace this social network.

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

Protected Tweets..Protected from Whom?


twitter bird behind jail baars

I recently went to retweet someone’s post and received a warning:

Warning: This tweet is from a protected user

I was taken aback! This was a porn star. This is someone who is in the public eye. Why on earth would they protect their tweets?

If you are wondering what a protected tweet it, it is essentially a private profile on Twitter. It means that only approved people can see your tweets.

Friday Feature Photo: Adult Trading Card of Chanel Preston

Friday Feature Photo: The beautiful Chanel Preston on her tantalizing limited edition Adult Trading Card

This is fine if you are just a person and you don’t want the bots to get you, or spam. If you tweet content that you don’t want certain people to see. Or if you tweet content that only want certain people to see.

Generally speaking the number one thing people are wanting to protect themselves against is porn spam. But if you are in porn, then you are likely not so worried about that.

Regardless, if you are a website or a porn star or content producer,having protected tweets is counter productive. Your goal is to get people to follow you. Increasing your followers, increasing engagement, improving your business networking opportunities is centered around interactions. If people can’t interact with you, or even see your posts, then what is the point?

Because I am on the “approved” list, I can see this persons tweets. But this tweep just missed a networking opportunity. I was going to retweet something interesting and engaging. Maybe some of my followers would have started following this person, because I facilitated an introduction.

I could have decided to retweet anyway. However, it would only be visible to other people who follow this person. So I abstained.

Re-tweet lost. Networking lost. Opportunity lost. shame.

Chanel Preston is our Friday Feature Photo. She is a super sexxy and provocative XXX star. Her Twitter (@chanelpreston) is filled with fun flirty and provocative tweets as well as great information about what she is up to and her new projects. Make sure you follow her on Twitter. Don’t worry, her tweets are not protected. 😉

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