Promote your porn on Twitter, promote your brand on LinkedIn.

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Veronica Vaughn LinkedIn Profile

Veronica Vaughn promotes herself as a business owner first and adult star second. Like Veronica, keep your social networks connected. Her LinkedIn is for networking but her linked Twitter account is for promotion.

LinkedIn is the largest business networking site.  It is where you go to post your resume, find jobs, meet people, make connections, create business alliances and have access to amazing business resources. This is not generally where you’d think of porn.  In fact, the public does not usually think of any adult star as being invested in business.  However,  the most successful porn stars have great business heads; that is why they are successful. .

LinkedIn has generally been the forbidden network in porn. Most people in the adult industry have not viewed LinkedIn as an adult friendly platform. This is true, it isn’t.  But it is not against people in the adult industry, it is against using the site as a promotion for porn.  In all fairness, it is against using the site as commercial promotion for any business.  The network is not actually about promoting business, it is about building business connections.

Much like Facebook, it is primarily a self monitoring community. If your profile is essentially spam, you risk being deleted. If you spam groups, your posts will be deleted and you may be removed from the group. If you are obviously engaging or promoting illegal activity, you will be deleted.  But if you are focusing on developing your business connections you will be fine.

LinkedIn is a place where adult stars can focus on the business side of their networking –  meeting producers, studios, agents, distributors, managers, etc.  LinkedIn groups are  your greatest resource.  There are groups for every possible topic. Interested in Social Media? Join the group Adult Social Media and keep on top of what is happening in social media in adult entertainment.

Join a group, read the discussion and then take part. The more you use the groups the more they will benefit you.  As you participate, you will meet people and expand your network.

Are you needing information? Ask the group.

Are you needing help? Ask the group.

Are you looking for business connections? Ask the group.

To network on LinkedIn you just need to position yourself as a business person.  Promote your porn on Twitter. Network your brand on LinkedIn.

Social Media Floozy

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Social Media Whore

Are you a social media prude, whore or floozy?

When people start becoming involved in social media they are 1 of 2 things:

1. Prudes

2. Sluts

As with most things, moderation is actually better.  There’s also another option:

3. Floozy

The Prude

The social media prude is the person who barely sticks their toe in the water. They create one account, lurk, and hardly ever post.  Actually, that is the best case scenario.  The worst case is: they create one account, never log in and chalk up social media as a failure.

The prude is on social media because she thinks she has to be there.  She doesn’t like it or understand it and is not truly willing to give it a really good try. Her measly attempts will sour her to future social ventures.

The Slut

The social media slut decides they are going to jump head first into all forms of social media. They create accounts on every network they can find. They blast out messages to everyone, send auto-messages to every new follower, and try to talk to everyone.  Then they are completely overwhelmed and turn their back on all of it because it was too much.

The slut realizes the importance of social media.  She realizes it so much, that in order to utilize it she is convinced she has to access all of it. She spreads herself too thin and wears herself out, generally overextending herself. Because she is doing so much of it, chances are she’s doing none of it really well; she will get burnt out without seeing any real results and quickly abandon all her efforts.

The Floozy

The social media floozy is the one who does not get into all the networks, just a few of them.  She talks to a lot of people, but no more than she can handle.  She does social media because she likes it, not because she has to. The social media floozy understands her limits but is still very active and present.

The floozy will focus on the networks she has the most fun with, and those will be the ones she gets the most out of. Because she is not overextended she won’t get burnt out. She will be able to continue with her social media for the long haul and find success. Consider the virtues of the floozy, and embrace them!

XXX: Good for your brand, bad for your URL

Friday Feature Photo: Coco Devine

Friday Feature Photo: The petite and sexy Coco Devine. She is XXX in all the good ways.

There is a lot of discussion about using .XXX as an adult alternative to .com.  AVN has a 5 part series about the ramifications of the dot xxx push. Although this discussion has taken place for the past few years, the issue is top news again because the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has a GAC (Government Advisory Committee) that is reviewing the issue before it decides the next step. The ultimate decision will determine whether “dot XXX” will be encouraged as a “dot-com” alternative for adult sites.

As it seems more likely that .XXX will be pushed, many sites have already reserved their .XXX URL.  So, the infamous would become Seems like it could be sexy right? Not so fast. A .XXX TLD (top level domain) can seriously hurt your web business.

The purpose behind this is to let people know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that a website contains adult content.  This is being done under the guise of child protection.  If you are in the adult industry, you know that any site that is on the level already implements child protection. In fact, Adult Entertainment is one of the biggest supporters of child protection and actively pursues new and better ways to keep inappropriate material from children. Fact is, the people who avoid child protection are not part of the legitimate adult industry, and they will continue to avoid it.

Dot triple X will only give people a false sense of security.  Any site that chooses will still be able to use a .com domain. Larry Magdid, creator of, says “As an Internet safety advocate, my concern about .XXX is that it could give parents a false sense of security…It would be like setting up a red-light district in a community while also allowing adult entertainment establishments to operate in residential shopping centers.”

Many people have purchased their .XXX to ensure that they are able to hold on to their branding. The ICANN seems to be interpreting this as industry support for the TLD.  However, this is not support – this is a reaction to the very real possibility of a new TLD and people not wanting to sacrifice their brand identity because they got on the bandwagon late.

From a website owner point-of-view the .XXX is bad for your site from a technical standpoint. Yes, people can block it, but the people who would do this are not your audience anyway. You don’t care if Joe Parent blocks .XXX but you do care if Google does.  Google already prevents their search auto-fill to populate for anything that is considered questionable material. It would be an easy step to block dot .XXX from appearing in any search results.  This would substantially limit organic traffic and completely nullify any benefits from SEO.

Our Friday Feature Photo links to a site with an xxx in the URL: But this is fine, because it is in the site name, not in the TLD.  Having xxx in your URL will not get you blocked. Having it as your TLD is going to cause you problems and loss of traffic.

There are many potentials for blocking, from search engines to internet browsers setting their safety defaults to automatically block .XXX. It also sets the site up for being blocked from merchant account and hosting companies that don’t want to be associated with a business that is blatantly adult.  With all of that, let’s not even talk about the potential to be riddled by spam through any contact information on the site, yikes!

Overall we feel that the .XXX is a bad move for any website.

Friday Feature Photo: Coco DevineThe Friday Feature Photo is the beautiful Coco Devine.  As she says, she is the newest, sexiest, most curvaceous girl on the web.  She is definitely right. Not only is she sexy she is also a great person to tweet with.  You can see her pics, videos and even talk to her live on her website webcam. Then go and chat her up on Twitter!

Go to her website:

Talk to her on Twitter @Coco_Divinexxx

You can call her for bookings at: 888-800-8761

or email her at


Like my Porn and Share it on Facebook

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Brooklyn Decker with a facebook like button

Wouldn't you want to Like this and share it with your friends?

Facebook has worked on social share for a long time now. Facebook Connect has been the most successful venture within this effort.  Facebook Connect is essentially the Like button on your website – it is what allows someone to “like” one of your website pages.  This has been an entirely underused feature in websites in general; in porn it is a tool that is being completely wasted.

There was an issue with the Like button: when you clicked, it would show you liked it on that page and technically would get posted on your wall.  It was not showing up on the news feed at all, so generally it was not being seen. It is no surprise that most people did not see value in adding it to their sites, or only added it to their home page.

Facebook is seeing the flaw in their strategy. The are now making the like button more like a share button.  Now when you click it you have the option of adding a comment. So now you can share your thoughts on a page rather than being just a voiceless Like.  This means that comments will have a greater chance of appearing on the newsfeed, because this share is a more dynamic interaction, and has a higher chance of being seen by people’s friends.

Where porn is missing out on this is the general lack of Like buttons on porn sites.  Yes, Facebook discriminates against porn. But when someone Likes a page on your site, Facebook cannot prevent that from being posted in the newsfeed. You are not violating their terms of service because it is not you posting it.  Now with the changes in the Like button, the tool is becoming more powerful. Now your viewers can say something and share your adult content on Facebook.

You can even track your Likes by adding Insights to your website. Here is a great post that will tell you how to add Insights to your website.

When someone clicks the Like button and comments, that comment and a link to the website goes on their wall and the news feed.  If you have a Like button for every page of your site, think of the potential exposure. If you do not, you may be missing out. Plus, it is exposure that Facebook can’t stop.