5 Ways to Prepare for 2011

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What are you plans for 2011?

The New Year is here! Many of us are still wrapping up last year, starting to think about the this year and planning how we are going to make it bigger, better and bolder.

Don’t forget that traditional business strategies are relevant for non-traditional businesses.  If you are in porn, a producer, a director, a star, a dancer, a phone girl, a model or a webmaster, remember that you are building your business, brand and image – you have to look forward and make plans for growth and development.

Be smart and sexy!

Get Ready for 2011

Business Development Plan: Create a plan that outlines the growth you want to see. Is it expanding your network? Adding to your client list? Creating a marketing strategy? Take a look at where you are, then envision where you want to be a year from now. How can you get from point A to point B? Time to start writing down your game plan.

  • Your Progress: One of the best ways to review and renew a business plan is to take a look at how far you have come. Did you meet your goals this year? Do you need to change your focus? Where were you a year ago and where are you now? Take a moment to appreciate how much you accomplished.
  • Define your Brand Focus: It doesn’t matter if you are an individual or a business, if you are IN business you have a brand. Take a look at how that brand has developed in the past year.  Check to see if you are properly promoting it and establishing a true brand image.
  • Finish up: When we get ready to move forward it is really easy to leave things undone. Make sure that you finish what you started. Get your end-of-year taken care of: paperwork, taxes, projects. Take this opportunity to prepare for 2011 by making sure that you wrap up 2010 and tie the loose ends.
  • Give yourself a break: You have worked hard this past year, and quite possibly even harder during the holidays.  Give yourself permission to take a break. If you want to kick ass in 2011, you can’t be burnt out from 2010.
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