Lauren MacEwen Xbiz Woman of the Month

Lauren MacEwen Xbiz Woman of the MonthI am not one who usually toots her own horn, but I was pretty excited when I found out that I was the Xbiz Woman of the Month for July 2014. Xbiz is the number one source for adult industry news and networking. It is the go to source for the who’s who in the adult entertainment industry. To be recognized in such a way was a huge honor. I have just been given a wonderful professional recommendation by my peers and I will continue to strive to work and innovate in social media marketing.

A huge thank you to the staff at Xbiz for the recognition and the wonderful article about me.  It is also pretty exciting to see my face sandwiched between James Deen and Stephen Winyard!

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Pics from AEE and Internext


Pics from AEE 2012 and Internext


Social Media at AEE

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Next week I will be heading out to Las Vegas for Internext and AEE. Though no longer paired with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) it looks like it will be a good show. Last year I was on the social media panel at AEE. It was a great panel with standing room only. As I am on the panel again this year, I am hoping for similar turn out.

Social Media: Are You Connected? (AEE/ANE)
The thing about social media for businesses is that it’s always evolving even as the underlying goals—connecting with clients, branding, messaging, and community building—remain the same. Social networks are not only here to stay, for many people they are now the place where they get much of the news and other information they use to make decisions about what to buy and how to live. This seminar will bring attendees up to date on the latest social network trends.

Fellow panelist include:

If you are at AEE come by on Friday, January 20th, and check out the panel!

Happy New Years


Happy New Years!


Merry Christmas

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!


Happy Winter Soltice

Happy Winter Solstice!

Today is the first day of winter. It is the longest night of the year and every day after today will be a little longer and have a little more light than the day before. Have a wonderful first day of winter!

Happy Thanksgiving


Google+ Pages launched…still not for porn


Today Google+ announced that they have officially launched their business Pages. This is almost exactly like Pages on Facebook except it is on Google+.  Some key differences are in SEO. These pages will be immediately indexed on Google. Meaning you will get an immediate search engine boost for you page, and therefore your website, if you have a page. You will also be able to do a search specifically for pages by adding a + sign before the company name. So 7 Veils would be + 7 Veils to search for my page (which does not exists yet).

Though some big questions about the functionality of the pages still exist, we do know that profiles will be able to add pages to profiles.  Of course if the networking is anything like Facebook, it means you will need to have a profile in order to start spreading the word about your page.

Of course, just like Facebook, the pages are not adult friendly. The big question is will they be active evangelists against porn pages. That is yet to be seen.

You might be tempted to run out and start your own page right now, and definitely give this a try. But the registration is not yet open for everyone, and that has nothing to do with porn. They are doing roll outs, but we don’t know how long it is going to take them to roll them out to everyone.

Because of the huge SEO boost, I would recommend putting up a page on Google+. Maybe it gets deleted, maybe not. You will get a nice SEO boost, at least for a while. Work your options while they are still options!